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Selected Grants 

Architecture + Environmental Arts Program 

Adaptive Use: 

• • 

National Endowment 
for the Arts 

FY 1966-1977 

National Endowment for the Arts 
Architecture + Environmental Arts Program 
Mail Stop 503 
Washington, D.C. 20506 

Original Use Index 





Arts Centers 








Commercial Buildings 

Corner Stores 


Customs Houses 

Facades (Elevations) 

Factories and Industrial Buildings 












Military Bases 




Movie Theatres 

Office Buildings 

Opera Houses 


Police Headquarters 

Post Offices 

Power Plants 


Railroad Buildings /Yards 

Recreational Facilities 

Rest Homes 






Squares and Greens 





Town Halls 





Introduction The National Endowment for the Arts, an 

independent Federal Agency was established 
in 1965. Its major goals are to make the 
arts more widely available, to preserve 
the nation's cultural heritage, to streng- 
then its cultural organizations and to en- 
courage its creative talents. 

Architecture + Environmental Arts is one 
of the Endowment's twelve program areas. 
Its primary aim is the improvement of our 
built environment — a rather broad ranging 
target. The program has made available in 
its eleven year history approximately $]7.5 
million for projects ranging from the "design 
of fountains as sources for masking urban 
noise" to major regional planning studies. 

A surprisingly large number of grants in 
these years have been awarded to organiza- 
tions and individuals actively involved in 
investigating, planning and designing for 
the adaptive use of buildings and spaces. 
This booklet is a partial listing of those 
Endowment supported people and projects. 

Adaptive use has become an important mode 
of conservation. It is a viable means of 
bringing new life to an old building either 
by restoring it to its previous use or by 
redesigning it for a new one. The end re- 
sults can spur the revitalization of an en- 
tire area and make good sense not only so- 
cially and culturally, but also from a cost 
per square foot value. 

The adaptable space types examined by 
grantees are referred to in the Original Use 
Index. It includes civic structures common 
to every community. The range of specific 
activities related to adaptive use — includ- 
ing public awareness, feasibility, and design 
projects -- is revealed in the grant des- 
criptions. Both the space types and activi- 
ties listed are only suggestive of possibil- 

The grants represented in this booklet 
are only a sampling of Endowment funded 
projects. It is hoped that they will pro- 
vide you with sources for further informa- 
tion, and above all, suggest a way to en- 
hance the quality of life in your community. 



The redesign and adaptive reuse of alleys 
in three Louisville residential and com- 
mercial neighborhoods was the focus of this 

City of Louisville, Community Development 

730 West Market Street 
Louisville, Kentucky 40203 
Contact: William B. Gatewood, Director 

$47,000 / FY 1976 

Arcades A study of the reuse of the Old Arcade, a 
significant Cleveland Landmark, was made. 
The building is half occupied and deteriora- 
ting, though designated a national and local 
historical monument. The study was in- 
tended to show present and future owners the 
potential value of the building, and build 
public support for conservation. 

Cleveland Area Arts Council 

140 The Arcade 

Cleveland, Ohio 44141 

Contact: Nina Gibans. 216/781-0045 

$10,000 / FY 1975 

Archives The Conservancy's efforts to adapt the Fed- 
eral Archive Building in the West Village 
for mixed residential and commercial use 
were aided by this grant which went to 
support planning, legal and real estate 

New York Landmarks Conservancy 

11 Battery Place 

New York, New York 10004 

Contact: Susan Henshaw Jones, Executive 

Director. 212/425-4085 
$20,000 / FY 1977 

Armories Architectural and planning support to the 
42nd Street Redevelopment Corporation was 
funded. The funds were to be used in a 
joint effort to: 1) create a new theatre 
district emphasizing the feasibility of 
converting the now vacant Army Reserve 
Building to theatre use; and 2) develop a 
collective management plan for the theatre 
companies which will occupy the district's 

Cultural Council Foundation 
1500 Broadway - 16th Floor 
New York, New York 10036 
Contact: Robert Moss, President. 

$20,000 / FY 1977 

The preliminary design for the adaptation 
of the Blues Armory in downtown Richmond, 
Virginia, into a 750-seat theatre and a 
complex of shops and restaurants was assist- 
ed by this grant. 

The Federated Arts of Richmond, Inc. 

The Carillon 

1300 Blanton Avenue _ 

Richmond, Virginia 23221 

Contact: Adrienne Hines, President. 

$10,000 / FY 1976 

The preparation of a planning document for 
the adaptation of the Milk Street Armory 
for use by performing and visual arts or- 
ganizations which serve Southwestern Maine 
was supported. The document would empha- 
size the economic impact for the area and 
the feasibility of a 1,000-seat theatre and 
rehearsal space for the Portland Symphony 
Orchestra and Opera New England of Maine. 

Greater Portland Arts Council 

One Monument Square 

Portland, Maine 04111 

Contact: Joseph Lovegren, Project Director. 

$10,000 / FY 1977 

Assistance was given in long-range archi- 
tectural and management planning for the 
conversion of the Armory to a multi-purpose 
arts complex for the visual and performing 
arts . 

Rising Sun 

1050 Old Pecos Trail 
Santa Fe , New Mexico 87501 
Contact: Alton Walpole, President. 

Arts Centers Renovation, and attraction of rent-paying 
tenants into an arts building in Jamaica 
Center, was requested. With the help of 
earlier funding, the grantee formed an arts- 
support group, engaged a staff, secured a 
suitable building, and initiated an active 
and well accepted in-city arts center. Ad- 
ditional funding was used to attract arts- 
related and paying tenants; to make possible 
free space for arts programs and artists. 

Greater Jamaica Development Corporation 

161-10 Jamaica Avenue 

Jamaica, New York 11432 

Contact: F. Carlisle Towery. 212/291-0282 

$28,200 / FY 1975 

Auditoriums A feasibility study and a fund raising pro- 
gram to rehabilitate a currently unused col- 
lege auditorium as a community multipurpose 
arts center were supported by this grant. 

Buffalo State College Foundation, Inc. 

Cleveland Hall, Room 515 

1300 Elmwood Avenue 

Buffalo, New York 14222 

Contact: Leonard J. Poleszak, Chairman. 

$20,000 / FY 1977 

Restoration of the Bismarck, North Dakota, 
Civic Auditorium for continued use as a per- 
forming arts center was assisted by this 
grant through development of renovation 
specifications . 


City of Bismarck 
P.O. Box 1075 
Bismarck, North Dakota 
Contact: George Smith. 
$6,000 / FY 1976 


A feasibility study and development of de- 
sign plans for the conversion of the Muni- 
cipal Auditorium to a performing arts faci- 
lity were funded. The study was to give 
special consideration to lighting, accous- 
tics, climate control and security. 

City of Sioux City, Municipal Auditorium 

P.O. Box 447 

Sioux City, Iowa 51102 

Contact: Harold C. Hansen, Auditorium 

Manager. 712/279-6157 
$20,000 / FY 1977 

A master plan for preservation, restoration, 
and adaptive use of the Auditorium Build- 
ing of Dankmar Adler and Louis Sullivan 
was to be developed. The plan would en- 
hance the facility's status as a national 
historic landmark and its use as a cultur- 
al activity center and university. 

Roosevelt University 

430 South Michigan Avenue 

Chicago, Illinois 60605 

Contact: Daniel H. Perlman, Dean of 

Administration. 312/341-3803 
$19,655 / FY 1977 


A comprehensive architectural study of a 
historic 19th century bank building for 
its eventual rehabilitation as a visual 
arts facility was funded. 

Central Louisiana Art Association 
P.O. Box 5791 

Alexandria, Louisiana 71301 
Contact: Eileen M. Fuhrer, Director. 

$6,700 / FY 1977 


Ways to exploit the potential of Salt Lake 
City's superblocks - which average about 
ten acres, or four times the area of those 
in most cities - were studied. Now "poor- 
ly utilized and generally deteriorating," 
these blocks were redesigned. Prototype 
designs were made for residential, commer- 
cial, and mixed blocks; retaining or sug- 
gesting reuse for existing buildings on 
the periphery but making new proposals for 
the "inside" of the blocks. 

University of Utah, Department of Agri- 
235 AAC Building 
Salt Lake City, Utah 84112 
Contact: Robert L. Bliss. 801/581-8217 
$15,754 / FY 1974 




A market and economic analysis of the reuse 
of an 1887 brewery in Baltimore was con- 
ducted; along with architectural feasibil- 
ity studies. The grantee hoped to estab- 
lish a good economic base for the adaptive 
use of the building which is listed on the 
National Register. 

East Baltimore Educational Foundation, Inc. 

1700 North Gay Street 

Baltimore, Maryland 21213 

Contact: Robert L. Douglas. 301/467-5308 

$10,000 / FY 1975 

Adaptive-use proposals and a campaign to 
save the Eads Bridge, a century-old steel 
span crossing the Mississippi at St. Louis, 
were funded. While Endowment support did 
not guarantee continued existence of this 
registered National Landmark, the grantee 
was able to apply "positive pressure on 
the decision process," and to develop and 
disseminate adaptive-use proposals to in- 
clude the bridge in a transit system, or 
convert the bridge to pedestrian mall-com- 
mercial use. 

James Eugene Bock 

2910 Red Maple Walk 

St. Louis, Missouri 63103 

$5,000 / FY 1971 


Conversion of Lowell, Massachusetts' five 
and a half miles of canals - clearly its 
most unique feature - to educational, cul- 
tural, and recreational uses was planned. 
An overall basic design was created - with 
detailed designs for gatehouses, locks, 
and bridges; engineering feasibility stud- 
ies; an environmental impact analysis; a 
cost analysis; and an action program. Lo- 
cal, state, and Federal funds are expected 
to be available for development. 

City of Lowell, City Development Authority 

JFK Civic Center 

Lowell, Massachusetts 01852 

Contact: Frank T. Keefe, Planning 

Director. 617/458-8766 
$30,330 / FY 1974 

Development of the Delaware-P.aritan Canal 
as a recreational spine - with special 
emphasis on the canal as it passes through 
park areas within the City of Trenton - 
was planned. Both the canal and Cadwalader 
Park are of major historic importance to 
the city, and now offer opportunities for 
new circulation systems and current recrea- 
tional needs. 

City of Trenton, Department of Planning 

and Development 
10 Capitol Street 
Trenton, New Jersey 08608 
Contact: Lee Weintraub. 609/393-9800 
$31,430 / FY 1974 

A study of the potential recreational reuse 
of the C&O Canal, which runs from Washing- 
ton, D.C., to Cumberland, Maryland, was 
completed; with special attention focused 
on canal-front sections of Harpers Ferry, 
West Virginia, and the Georgetown section 
of Washington. History, current conditions, 
and existing recreational facilities and 
uses were included in the illustrated final 

Donald William Evans, Planners, Inc. 
1424 16th Street, N.W. 
Washington, D.C. 20036 
$4,900 / FY 1971 

Redevelopment of sixty-seven miles of New 
Jersey's Delaware and Raritan Canal was 
planned as a continuous open space connec- 
ting five of the state's most historic 

Dennis M. Frenchman 
1293 North Barkley Place 
North Brunswick, New Jersey 
$5,600 / FY 1973 

08902 The Architectural plans for the restora- 
Temples tion and conversion of the historic Trinity 
Methodist Church building in downtown Dal- 
las were funded. The building, a classic 
example of the Prairie Style of architec- 
ture, was to become a combination music 
school, concert hall, and music theatre. 

American Institute of Musical Studies, Inc, 

2120 McKinney Avenue 

Dallas, Texas 75201 

Contact: Richard R. Owens. 214/741-9871 

$16,000 / FY 1977 

New uses for historically significant but 
under-used churches in Boston were planned 
to save these special places and help 
transform them into centers that meet com- 
munity needs today, or as places for the 
arts and theater. The first phase in- 
volved demonstrations and redevelopment 
in four neighborhoods. 

The Cheswick Center ' 

17 Dunster Street 

Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138 

Contact: Reverend W. Seavey Joyce, S.J. 

$50,000 / FY 1974 

A public awareness program consisting of 
case studies, a workshop, and catalog on 
the potential use of abandoned and under- 
used church properties in New York City 
was supported. The program emphasized 
the role of religious institutions in 
neighborhood preservation. 

The Cheswick Center 

17 Dunster Street 

Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138 

Contact: Reverend W. Seavey Joyce, S.J., 

Project Director. 617/491-4432 
$12,500 / FY 1977 

The completion of design work for the adap- 
tation of the Odd Fellows Temple to an arts 
center was funded. The facility would pro- 
vide small and medium size spaces for per- 
formances, rehearsals, and exhibitions to 
be used primarily by small performing 
groups and visual arts organizations. 

City of Seattle, Department of Community 

306 Cherry Street 

Seattle, Washington 98104 

Contact: Anne Focke, Director, and/or 
Gallery. 1525 10th Avenue, Seattle, 
Washington. 98122 206/324-5880 

$13,140 / FY 1977 

Public awareness of the historical signifi- 
cance of an old church in Washington, D.C., 
was to be accomplished through intensive 
research and video-taped interviews with 
senior members of the congregation. A 
booklet and portable exhibit were to be 
produced in order to "attract public support 
to complete the overall historical and adap- 
tive restoration" of this landmark building. 

Metropolitan A.M.E. Church 

1518 M Street, N.W. 

Washington, D.C. 20005 

Contact: Reverend Robert L. Pruitt , 

Minister. 202/347-3426 
$10,000 / FY 1976 

The restoration of Spirit Square's historic 
Baptist Church and its adjoining education- 
al buildings as a community center housing 
the visual and performing arts was the fo- 
cus of this grant. Grant funds were to 
support the payment of consultant fees 
for studying the special requirements of 
acoustics, theatre design, and lighting 
necessary for the restoration. 

SSAC , Inc . 
110 East 7th Street 
Charlotte, North Carolina 28202 
Contact: Halsey M. North, Executive Dir- 
ector, Arts & Science Council, 511 East 
Morehead Street, Charlotte, North Caro- 
lina 28202. 704/372-9664 
$20,000 / FY 1977 

Commercial Master planning for reuse of three water- 
Buildings front blocks in Nashville, Tennessee - in- 
cluding "the largest uninterrupted assembly 
of Victorian commercial buildings in the 
United States" - was studied. The goal 
was to change this waterfront from a dere- 
lict area to one offering enrichment to 
the total community, and to translate the 
study into a realistic proposal compatible 
with ongoing downtown urban renewal pro- 

Robinson Bass 

170 Second Avenue 

North Nashville, Tennessee 

$10,000 / FY 1974 


Assistance in the payment of architectural 
fees for the continued development of 
artists' studios in the St. Cloud build- 
ings, the completion of the Children's 
Visual Art Center, and final work on 
facilities for the Boston Ballet and the 
Community Music Center of Boston was pro- 
vided by this grant. 

Boston Center for the Arts 

539 Tremont Street 

Boston, Massachusetts 02116 

Contact: Royal Lloyd, President. 

$20,000 / FY 1977 

A study on the conversion of Boston's 19th- 
century downtown commercial buildings to 
serve as residential communities was init- 
iated under this grant. Project was to 
include: 1) a market study to determine po- 
tential residents and their needs; 2) a 
structural, design, and economic feasibility 
study resulting in a guidebook on "New 
Neighborhoods Downtown;" and 3) an imple- 
mentation strategy involving public and 
private investment. 

Boston Redevelopment Authority 

City Hall, Room 911 

Boston, Massachusetts 02201 

Contact: Deborah Gott-Lin, Preservation 

Planner. 617/722-4300 
$20,000 / FY 1976 

The identification of significant older 
downtown commercial buildings with adap- 
tive use potential received grant support. 
The grant was also used to assist economic 
and structural feasibility studies for the 
reuse of ten of these structures. 

City of Charlotte 

Charlotte, North Carolina 28202 

Contact: Stephen B.' Griffin, Central 

Area Development Coordinator. 

$9,600 / FY 1977 

The preparation of an interior design plan 
for the historic Academy Building as part 
of the restoration and conversion effort 
providing facilities for the visual and 
performing arts of the Portuguese Heritage 
Museum was support by this grant. 

Portuguese Heritage Foundation 
64 Durfee Street 

Fall River, Massachusetts 02720 
Contact: Dr. Jose Veiga Simao. 

$20,000 / FY 1977 

A revitalization plan for the Hanover Square 
District in Syracuse, New York, as the fo- 
cus of this grant. The study was to exam- 
ine the structural and economic feasibility 
of adapting the area's older commercial 
structures to new uses, and was also to 
consider options for signage, facade treat- 
ment, and open space planning. 

Society for the Advancement of the Visual 

678 West Onondaga Street 
Syracuse, New York 13204 
Contact: Dennis J. Connors, Executive 

Director, Landmarks Association of 

Central New York. 315/475-4785 
$6,220 / FY 1976 

Planning and programming for the restora- 
tion of Florence, Arizona, a southwestern 
community with a remarkable number of 
structures almost undisturbed for over 
100 years, was supported. Following an 
historic survey, this grant funded urban 
design and landscaping studies, methods 
of restoring cast-iron-fronted commercial 
buildings, studies of public amenities 
appropriate to the area, preparation of 
historic-zone and signage ordinances, and 
formulation of a plan for implementation. 

Town of Florence 

Box 490 

Florence, Arizona 85232 

Contact: Harris Sobin, 6550 North Skyway 

Drive, Tucson, Arizona 85718 

$10,000 / FY 1974 

Corner Stores Urban design schemes to stabilize and re- 
vitalize "the corner store" in its role as 
an inner-city focal point were studied; 
including an historical perspective, des- 
cription of the corner store's existing 
role and function, principles of its loca- 
tion, and design alternatives. Several 
cities on the East Coast were examined 
for data. 

Harry G. Robinson, III 
7412 14th Street, N.W. 
Washington, D.C. 20012 
$5,700 / FY 1974 

Courthouses Development of public support for reuse of 
the old Gates County Courthouse as a cul- 
tural arts center was the goal of this 
project. Plans called for use of the 
building - when it became vacant - as a 
library, historical museum, mini-theater, 
and meeting rooms for cultural groups. 
Various audio-visual programs were pre- 
pared and shown in schools and at commun- 
ity meetings. 

Alliance for Progress, Inc. 

P. 0. Box 277 

Powellsville, North Carolina 27967 

Contact: Richard W. Baker, Jr., Director. 

$4,250 / FY 1975 

Conversion of the Durham County Courthouse 
to an arts center was assisted by this 
grant. A structural and economic feasibil- 
ity study was to be undertaken and the 
conversion was to become part of a larger 
economic and social redevelopment program 
for the downtown area of Durham, North 

Allied Arts of Durham, Inc. 

810 West Proctor Street 

Durham, North Carolina 27707 

Contact: K. Brantley Watson, President. 

$6,000 / FY 1976 

A study of the history and architecture of 
county courthouses in Georgia was funded 
under this grant. The study was to en- 
courage the preservation of these struc- 
tures and to promote their continuance as 
civic focal points. 

Georgia College 
Milledgeville , Georgia 31061 
Contact: Janice A. Hardy, Associate Pro- 
fessor of Art. 912/453-4572 
$6,342 / FY 1976 

Establishment of a community art center in 
the vacant Federal Building and Courthouse 
in Grand Rapids was planned. The project 
was aimed at revitalizing the downtown area 
by incorporating various cultural institu- 
tions into the renovated building - inclu- 
ding the Art Museum, community-oriented 
programs of the Junior College and Grand 
Valley State College, workshops, an en- 
vironmental design center, and a number of 
studio-apartments for artists and design- 
ers-in-residence . 

Grand Rapids Art Museum 

230 Fulton Street East 

Grand Rapids, Michigan 49502 

Contact: Robert I. Blaich, Herman Miller, 

Inc. , Zeeland, Michigan 49464 

$23,825 / FY 1974 

A national conference on the revitalization 
of old courthouses, with production of an 
accompanying publication, was supported by 
this grant. 

National Trust for Historic Preservation 

748 Jackson Place, N.W. 

Washington, D.C. 20006 

Contact: Mary C. Means, Regional Direc- 
tor, Midwest Office, Department of Field 
Services, 1800 South Prairie Avenue, 
Chicago, Illinois 60616. 312/840-0170. 

$6,000 / FY 1976 

A book on the procedures used to recycle 
the Old Federal Courts Building in St. 
Paul, Minnesota, was intended to encourage 
similar efforts to save historic buildings. 
The book was to be distributed both locally 
and nationally to interested groups and or- 
ganizations . 

Saint Paul Council of Arts and Sciences 

77 West Fifth Street 

St. Paul, Minnesota 55102 

Contact: Joan Larsen Kelly. 612/224-2354 

$11,000 / FY 1974 

A book intended to foster awareness and 
pride in Huntingdon, Pennsylvania - espec- 
ially its historic courthouse area - was 
published. By associating the area with 
people, periods, and activities significant 
in the city's history; and by describing the 
architecture in terms related to the total 
city character, the grantee hoped to sup- 
plement the present city plan, which fo- 
cused solely on traffic conditions and 
retail areas. 

Nancy S. Shedd 

Rural Delivery 

Petersburg, Pennsylvania 16669 

$9,720 / FY 1974 


The saving and reuse of hundreds of Mid- 
western courthouses involved "a radical 
intervention in the planning-management 
process of the most concentrated historic, 
symbolic, cultural element in the greater 
Midwest: the county courthouse and its 
setting," which typically dominates squares 
"representing the best urban design and 
prime real estate in towns and small cities." 
The goal was a document providing that court- 
house renovation should be a matter of policv 
Results of this project were widely pub- 
licized in the professional and public press. 

Benjamin H. Weese 
10 West Hubbard Street 
Chicago, Illinois 60610 
$9,500 / FY 1974 

A plan for the r 
historic Custom 
plementation sta 
program funded e 
men demonstrated 
of a mixed-use, 
with revenues fr 
used to fund the 
grant supported 
structure and it 
the cost studies 
oping commitment 

euse of Lower Manhattan's 
House was refined and im- 
rted under this grant. A 
arlier by area business- 

the economic feasibility 
cultural-commercial center 
om the commercial spaces 

cultural elements. This 
a detailed study of the 
s systems, refinement of 
, and a program of devel- 
s from commercial interests 


New York Landmarks Conservancy, Inc. 

17 Battery Place 

New York, New York 10004 ' 

Contact: Anthony J. Newman. 212/425-4085 

$50,000 / FY 1975 

Facades An inventory and planning/design study for 
(Elevations} Bristol's older central business district 
was assisted by this grant, with special 
emphasis on facade restoration along Main 
and Prospect Streets and on the adaptive 
use of several large commercial buildings. 

City of Bristol 

111 North Main Street 

Bristol, Connecticut 06010 

Contact: Arnold L. Beizer, Office of 

Community Development. 203/583-1811 
$20,000 / FY 1976 

Preservation and redevelopment efforts in 
Galesburg were assisted by this grant. 
These efforts were to include design plans 
for renovating and rehabilitating store- 
fronts and rears in the historic Main Street 
area, feasibility studies on the adaptive 
use of selected structures in the central 
business district, and the preparation of 
a guidebook to the Galesburg Historic Dis- 

City of Galesburg 

161 S. Cherry Street 

Galesburg, Illinois 61401 

Contact: Larry D. Goerne, Director of 

Planning. 309/343-4181 
$16,735 / FY 1977 

Factories and 



A demonstration project i 
improvements along Court 
lyn's Cobble Hill Histori 
the focus of this grant, 
given the Landmarks Prese 
sion and the Housing and 
ministration in planning, 
tion, and exhibition cost 

nvolving facade 
Street in Brook- 
c District was 

Assistance was 
rvation Commis- 
Development Ad- 
design, publica- 
s involving the 

Cultural Council Foundation/Landmarks 

Preservation Commission 
1500 Broadway - 16th Floor 
New York, New York 10036 
Contact: Beverly Moss Spatt , Chairman, 

Landmarks Preservation Commission. 

305 Broadway, New York, New York 10007 

$13,965 / FY 1977 

The completion of design documents and 
models for the renovation of this historic 
Knowles Building as a community museum 
providing galleries, exhibition and 
performance space, studios, seminar faci- 
lities, as well as a permanent home for 
Atlanta University's important collection 
of Afro-American art was supported by 
this grant. 

City of Atlanta 
Bureau of Cultural Affairs 
Atlanta, Georgia 30303 
Contact: Janet L. Douglas. 
$11,200 / FY 1977 


Architectural planning for the conversion 
of a vacant downtown industrial building 
to a flexible visual arts facility was 
assisted by this grant. The grantee in an 
effort to revitalize its downtown would, 
in conjunction with the Dayton Art Insti- 
tute and Wright State University, develop 
the facility to provide artists' studios, 
gallery space, and a space for work by 
invited artists of national reputation. 

City of Dayton, Ohio 

101 West Third Street 

Dayton, Ohio 45402 

Contact: Paul R. Wick, Administrator, 

City Beautiful Council. 513/225-5339 
$20,000 / FY 1977 

An inner-city revitalization study and 
artists' housing project were supported 
by this grant. Through research and 
investigation, a deteriorating, small- 
industry district in Minneapolis was to be 
considered for potential development as 
artists' housing and work space. 

City of Minneapolis 

Office of the City Coordinator 

Minneapolis, Minnesota 55415 

Contact: Melisande Charles, Minneapolis 
Arts Commission, 302 City Hall, Minnea- 
polis, Minnesota 55415. 612/348-2580 

$15,000 / FY 1976 

The feasibility of converting the historic 
Rogers Locomotive Erecting Shop to a com- 
bined museum and cultural arts center was 
studied. The conversion was part of the 
master plan for the Great Falls/S.U.M. 
(Society for Establishing Useful Manufac- 
turers) Historic District. Grant funds 
would support architectural plans and the 
preparation of fund raising materials. 

City of Paterson, Department of Community 

52 Church Street 
Paterson, New Jersey 07505 
Contact: Jack R. Stokvis, Principal 

Planner. 201/684-5800 
$19,250 / FY 1977 

Evaluation of the alternatives for recycling 
industrial buildings located in Trenton, 
New Jersey with recommendations for their 
reuse was supported by this grant. 

The Cooper Union for the Advancement of 

Science & Art 
Cooper Square 
New York, New York 10003 
Contact: Michael Wurmfeld, Assistant 

Professor. 212/254-6300 
$10,000 / FY 1977 

Adaptation of a 19th century factory to 
studio and gallery space for visual arts 
and rehearsal space for performing groups 
was funded. The grant also was to be 
used to establish the management plan for 
a self-sufficient artists' cooperative. 

Delaware State Arts Council 
1105 Market Street 
Wilmington, Delaware 19801 
Contact: Jan Lurie. 302/571-3540 
$20,000 / FY 1977 

The reuse of old industrial buildings along 
the Hudson River - in the Troy-Watervliet- 
Albany region - was studied. Various alter- 
natives to demolition and clearance, the 
increasingly common fate of abandoned water- 
front edges of many industrial cities, were 

Hudson-Mohawk Industrial Gateway 

5 First Street 

Troy, New York 12180 

Contact: John I. Mesick. 518/463-2276 

$40,000 / FY 1973 

Development of a color slidefilm - "Working 
Places" - was funded to encourage the pre- 
servation/reuse of significant industrial 
sites, objects, and structures in the hope 
of promoting their retention and reuse. 

Society for Industrial Archeology 

Room 5020 

National Museum of History and Technology 

Smithsonian Institution 

Washington, D.C. 20560 

Contact: Chester Liebs , Department of 
History, University of Vermont, 
Burlington, Vermont 05401. 802/656-3180 

$9,000 / FY 1973 

A 16mm film on the reuse of significant in- 
dustrial structures and objects was to be 
made from slide material assembled under a 
previous grant. The great national demand 
for the slide show made conversion to film 
necessary to achieve maximum distribution 
potential. Copies of the completed film 
were to be distributed nationally by the 
National Trust for Historic Preservation. 

Society for Industrial Archeology 

Room 5020 

National Museum of History and Technology 

Smithsonian Institution 

Washington, D.C. 2 0560 

Contact: Chester Liebs, Department of 
History, University of Vermont, 
Burlington, Vermont 05401. 802/656-3180 

$4,984 / FY 1976 

Fortifications A study of new uses for existing coastal for- 
tifications in New England was funded. The 
potential of these historic monuments for 
use as summer facilities for the performing 
arts was to be the focus of the survey and 
analysis study. 


Rhode Island School of Design 
Providence, Rhode Island 02903 
Contact: Friedrich St. Florian, Asso- 
ciate Professor of Architecture. 
$15,000 / FY 1976 

Gatehouses Conversion of a Victorian gatehouse to a 
photography studio/workshop for community 
education classes was supported through an 
architectural design study of this historic 
structure which is located on the Museum's 
grounds . 

DeCordova and Dana Museum and Park 

Sandy Pond Road 

Lincoln, Massachusetts 01773 

Contact: Merrie Blocker, Director of the 

School. 617/259-8355 
$4,700 / FY 1976 



Conversion of a former gymnasium into a per- 
manent theater facility was to be accom- 
plished through architectural and other 
professional services funded under this 
grant . 

New Playwrights' Theater of Washington, Inc. 

1742 Church Street, N.W. 

Washington, D.C. 20036 

Contact: Harry M. Bagdasian, Producing 

Director. 202/232-1122 
$6,215 / FY 1976 

Halls Architectural planning for the expansion 
and renovation of the W.O.W. (Woodmen of 
the World) Hall to improve its capacity 
as a community center for the arts re- 
ceived funding. 

Community Center for the Performing Arts 

W.O.W. Hall 

291 West 8th Avenue 

Eugene, Oregon 97402 

Contact: Jonathan M. Pincus, Chairperson, 

Board of Directors. 503/345-5237 
$9,980 / FY 1977 

A full-scale feasibility and design pro- 
gram to explore the potential of utilizing 
Newark's historic 3,500-seat Symphony Hall 
as a New Jersey center for the performing 
arts and cultural education was supported 
by this grant. 

Newark Community Center of the Arts 

89 Lincoln Park 

Newark, New Jersey 07102 

Contact: Wayne Braffman, Newark Economic 
Development Corporation, Suite 1502, 
744 West Broad Street, York, New Jersey 
07102. 201/643-2790 

$20,000 / FY 1976 

Harbors Preplanning of Marquette (Michigan) Harbor 
as a recreation facility in combination 
with present industrial uses included a 
study of development alternatives - stres- 
sing the harbor's scenic and historic values 
and new accessibility to the central busi- 
ness district. 

City of Marquette 
220 West Washington Street 
Markette, Michigan 49855 
Contact: Norman L. Gruber, Jr. 

Planner. 906/226-7582 
$3,844 / FY 1974 



Reuse of the 1900 Iowa Hotel in Washington, 
D.C., as an art center was studied. The 
building was slated either for costly reha- 
bilitation as a residential building, or 
for demolition. This grant supported study 
of an alternate use "sorely needed to show- 
case the living arts of this city." 

Borrowed Time Productions 

P.O. Box 23330 

726 11th Street, N.W. 

Washington, D.C. 20024 

Contact: John Yeo. 202/347-9414 

$10,000 / FY 1975 

The development of former hotel space in 
Galveston's historic (1894) Grand Opera 
House into stage support, artists' housing, 
studios, and an additional performance 
space was the focus of this grant. Grant 
funds were to assist in the payment of pro- 
fessional fees for planning, designing and 
economic analysis. Plans will relate and 
link the Opera House facility with those 
of the Arts Center on the Strand. 

The Galveston County Cultural Arts Council, 

P.O. Box 1105 
Galveston, Texas 77553 
Contact: Emily M. Whiteside, Executive 

Director. 713/763-6459 
$17,515 / FY 1977 

A feasibility study on the adaptation of 
the former Mars Hotel as a major facility 
for the media arts was funded. The study 
was to give particular emphasis to the uses 
of the building for the grantee's programs 
as well as other related media services. 

Media Study, Inc. , Buffalo 
207-211 Delaware Avenue 
Buffalo, New York 14202 
Contact: Gerald O'Grady, Director. 

$10,000 / FY 1977 

Houses/ An architectural and cultural 
Housing center in the Glessner House, 
H.H. Richardson and designate 
first official landmark, was 
this grant. Part of an ongoi 
by the Chicago School of Arch 
Foundation "to provide a nati 
stration of creative, economi 
uses for landmarks," the Gles 
is being used for conferences 
events, and meetings. 

designed by 
d Chicago's 
planned under 
ng effort 
onal demon- 
cally viable 
sner House 
, special 

Chicago School of Architecture Foundation 

1800 South Prairie Avenue 

Chicago, Illinois 60616 

Contact: Kay W. Levin, Consultant, 
Community Programs, Inc., Ill East 
Wacker Drive, Chicago, Illinois 60601. 

$6,000 / FY 1972 

A "living" museum of distinctive architec- 
ture of Chicago's South Side was planned. 
Four 1880 mansions - including the Gless- 
ner House, Kimball House, and the Keith and 
Coleman houses along Prairie Avenue - have 
already been bought into protective owner- 
ship. Chicago's oldest structure, the 
Widow Clarke House, was to be moved into 
the district. Comprehensive plans for 
siting; future historical approaches; cor- 
rection of landscaping, circulation, and 
traffic handling; and legal and administra- 
tive organization were funded. 

Chicago School of Architecture Foundation 

1800 South Prairie Avenue 

Chicago, Illinois 60616 

Contact: Mrs. Ruth Moore Garbe, Chairman, 
Historic District Committee of the 
Chicago School of Architecture Founda- 
tion. 312/337-5889 

$9,650 / FY 1974 

A feasibility study for a program of moving 
historic structures was funded. The pro- 
gram of house-moving would preserve valua- 
ble historic structures in one neighborhood 
threatened by development while eliminating 
vacant land parcels in an adjacent neighbor- 
hood with historic character. 

City of Eugene, Department of Housing & 

Community Conservation 
Room 106, City Hall 
Eugene, Oregon 97401 
Contact: Paul Osborn, Superintendent of 

Rehabilitation & Code Enforcement. 

$14,330 / FY 1977 

Preservation efforts related to three 
19th-century rowhouse neighborhoods were 
supported by this grant. The project was 
to include the following components: res- 
toration guidelines; individual facade 
studies for prototypical structures; a 
workbook for property owners on costs, 
materials, and design alternatives; pro- 
posals for park and street design improve- 
ments; and development of legal mechanisms 
to promote preservation and technical 
assistance to residents. 

City of Jersey City 

Office of Planning 

280 Grove Street 

Jersey City, New Jersey 07302 

Contact: Dennis Enright, Director, 
Division of Neighborhood Preserva- 
tion. 201/434-3600 

$20,000 / FY 1976 

Feasibility planning to save San Francisco's 
Goodman Building was assisted by this grant. 
The study was to explore ways in which to 
develop the building's cultural resources 
for the community and its resident affil- 

Foundation for San Francisco's Architectural 

2007 Franklin Street 

San Francisco, California 94109 

Contact: Bob Marquis, Marquis Associates, 
243 Vallejo Street, San Francisco, Cali- 
fornia 94111. 415/788-2644 

$10,000 / FY 1976 

The design for an historic site/conference 
center for Soul City, North Carolina, was 
completed by combined classes of Hampton 
Institute's Division of Architecture and 
the University of Massachusetts' Depart- 
ment of Landscape Architecture and Region- 
al Planning. An 18th-century plantation 
house and its 17-acre site were designated 
in the master plan of the overall develop- 
ment of this planned new town. 

Hampton Institute 

Hampton, Virginia 23668 

Contact: John H. Spencer, Chairman, 

Department of Architecture. 804/727-5440 
$11,000 / FY 1972 

The feasibility of preserving twenty-four 
1880 brick row buildings in Owego, New 
York, was studied. The buildings front on 
the Susquehanna River and it was proposed 
to return them to original use, with street- 
level shops and upper-floor residences with 
views to the river. Study included tech- 
nical assessment, schematic designs, and 
market analysis. 

James R. Mowry 
180 State Street 
Binghamton, New York 13901 
$10,000 / FY 1974 

Design, legal, and economic planning for 
the adaptive use of older structures ad- 
jacent to the Amoskeag millyard was sup- 
ported under this grant. Special atten- 
tion was to be given to the conservation 
of open space, the removal of architectural 
barriers to the handicapped, and to the 
rapid implementation of conservation objec- 
tives through innovative tax policy. 

New Hampshire Charitable Fund 

1 South Street 

Concord, New Hampshire 03301 

Contact: Mary Louis Hancock. 603/225-6641 

$15,000 / FY 1976 

The rehabilitation of grand Victorian hou- 
ses amidst an infill of new low-income units 
was conceived by residents of a run-down 
area in Detroit under this grant, and res- 
toration of some of the houses was begun. 
This effort tied in with city agency pro- 
grams to establish a development plan for 
the blighted Woodward East area. 

Professional Skills Alliance 

2551 John R Street 

Detroit, Michigan 48201 

Contact: Michael Johnson, Woodward East 
Project, Inc., 2915 John R Street, 
Suite 101, Detroit, Michigan 48201 

$50,000 / FY 1974 

Architectural planning and fund raising for 
the renovation of a landmark Washington Park 
townhouse for the programs, exhibits, and 
classes of the arts council were funded. 

Rensselaer County Council for the Arts 

18 9 Second Street 

Troy, New York 12180 

Contact: Joseph B. Fama, Chairman, 

R.C.C.A. House Committee. 513/274-3050 
$5,995 / FY 1977 

A proposal by secondary school students for 
an environmental center in Philadelphia's 
Fairmont Center was developed. The young 
students, advised by a biology and botany 
teacher, and an architect^planner , pro- 
posed restoration of two historic houses 
into study centers, an improved nature trail, 
an archeological dig, and a year-round Bi- 
centennial program. Models and a report 
were presented to various government agen- 
cies to solicit support and funding to im- 
plement the program. 

W. Gray Smith, Jr. 

P.O. Box 15844 

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19103 

$8,000 / FY 1974 

Economic and architectural studies (includ- 
ing specification of technical requirements 
and the development of fund-raising mater- 
ials) for the restoration and adaptation of 
a landmark house as a community arts center 
and home for the Township Arts Council and 
its 37 member organizations received funding. 

Town of Smithtown 

Smithtown, New York 11787 

Contact: Jacklyn D. Beck, Executive 
Director, Smithtown Township Arts 
Council. 1 Bank Avenue, Smithtown, New 
York 11787. 615/979-6655 

$7,500 / FY 1977 


Jails Reuse of the Idaho Territorial Penitentiary 
as a mixed-use center including cultural, 
recreational, and commercial facilities was 
planned. The abandoned and historic old 
prison adjoins a new municipal golf course 
and the city's greenbelt along the Boise 
River, with access to downtown Boise via 
bicycle and pedestrian paths. 

Idaho State Historical Society 

610 North Julia Davis Drive 

Boise, Idaho 83706 

Contact: Arthur A. Hart, Director, His- 
torical Museum, Idaho State Historical 
Society. 208/384-2120 

$49,864 / FY 1974 

Planning of a part to replace the demolished 
jail in Greenwich Village was aided. After 
demolition, an immediate study of the site 
and its surroundings (Village Square) was 
undertaken in consultation with the Plan- 
ning Board and the community; and a design 
for a sunken park was proposed for commun- 
ity reaction and suggestion. 


Frank Sanchis 
1500 Washington Street 
Peekskill, New York 10566 
$4,000 / FY 1974 

Libraries A study of alternate uses for the Portsmouth, 
New Hampshire, Library was made under this 
grant. The present library, housed in an 
historic building, was inadequate and in an 
area strategic to the city's revitalization. 
Because of its historic value and strategic 
location, a detailed analysis to determine 
the best public course of action was planned. 

City of Portsmouth 
City Hall 

Portsmouth, New Hampshire 03801 
Contact: A. Robert Thoresen, Planning 
Director. 603/436-5869 
$5,500 / FY 1974 

Lots Temporary and permanent parks on city-owned 

vacant land were established. Sites chosen 
included rubbish-filled urban renewal sites 
and undeveloped street ends at the water- 
front which were identified under an earlier 
program. Work was coordinated with all 
appropriate city agencies. 

The Parks Council 
80 Central Park West 
New York, New York 1002 3 
Contact: Olga Straka, Associate Direc- 
tor. 212/799-6000 
$25,000 / FY 1974 


A slide/video show that presents the problems 
of vacant lots and their impact on Oakland's 
neighborhoods and which offers design alter- 
natives for the redevelopment of these pro- 
perties was funded. 

Trust for Public Land 

82 Second Street 

San Francisco, California 94105 

Contact: Steve Costa. 415/495-4014 

$3,400 / FY 1976 

Markets A study of the development and decline of 
the American urban public market was fun- 
ded. In addition to an historical account, 
the study was to analyze its potential for 
preservation, and make recommendations 
on how this could be done. 

Padraic Burke 

4214 South 32nd Street 

Arlington, Virginia 22206 


$10,000 / FY 1977 

Promotion of the development of farmers' 
markets in Vermont was the goal of this 
project. Based on experience with an 
existing market in Burlington, grantee 
examined the potential for similar markets 
in five Vermont cities - primarily in terms 
of site location and design, but also 
taking into account the economic and 
social characteristics of the areas - and 
discussed her findings with local govern- 
ment officials. 

Elizabeth H. Gignoux 
Charlotte, Vermont 0544 5 
$4,150 / FY 1974 



Planning for the redesign and revitaliza- 
tion of Whittier, Alaska - built during 
World War II as a military base - was un- 
dertaken in advance of new importance for 
the town as a link between Valdez and 
Anchorage as the pipeline is built. For- 
mer government buildings are now owned by 
the 140 townspeople who envision possible 
redevelopment as a recreational area. 

Mark L. Hinshaw 
4801 Mills Drive, #3 
Anchorage, Alaska 99504 
$9,200 / FY 1974 

An exhibit on the mill buildings in the 
Great Falls Historic District was funded. 

City of Paterson, Department of Community 

52 Church Street 

Paterson, New Jersey 07505 

Contact: Jack R. Stokvis, Project Man- 
ager. 201/684-3000 

$19,750 / FY 1977 

Help in implementing a project to revitalize 
an historic mill town - North Adams, Massa- 
chusetts - was funded. A nonprofit community 
corporation planned to renovate an early 
19th-century mill for use as a cultural and 
profit-making business space; restore stores 
on the main street back to 19th-century 
character; and generate tourism in the area. 

Hoosuck Community Resources Corporation 
121 Union Street 

North Adams, Massachusetts 01247 
Contact: Edward C. Carman, Jr., Corporate 

Manager. 413/664-6382 
$50,000 / FY 1974 

Plans for a mixed-use center in Lowell, 
Massachusetts, were developed under this 
grant. Grantee hoped to locate the center 
in one of several abandoned mill buildings 
along the Merrimac River, and to use the 
center as a focus for reawakening local 
and regional interest in the city. The 
resulting "Boot Mill Study" won the top 
design award from Progressive Architecture 
magazine in 1974. 

Human Services Corporation 

154 Moody Street 

Lowell, Massachusetts 01854 

Contact: Susan Southworth. 716/267-5567 

$21,200 / FY 1972 

Information derived from a study of energy/ 
architecture alternatives to existing tech- 
nology and construction methods was dissemi- 
nated for public education. The report exa- 
mined the "retrofitting" of a 104-year-old 
mill using both conventional and experimental 
means in an effort to inform the public about 
possible energy options for the future. 

Research and Design Institute 

P. 0. Box 307 

Providence, Rhode Island 02901 

Contact: Ronald Beckman. 401/861-5390 

$15,000 / FY 1975 

Miscellaneous Young designers were paid for time spent 
on local improvement projects under a 
continuing America the Beautiful Fund 
program. Endowment grant funds for 1971 
were divided into forty-one sub-grants 
averaging less than $1,000 each. As in 
previous years, many of the small sub- 
grants led to substantial local commitment 
to build projects designed by the appren- 
tice-level architects, landscape architects, 
and planners. A final report summarized 
all ABF expenditures and included descrip- 
tions of representative projects. 

America the Beautiful Fund 
219 Shoreham Building 
Washington, D.C. 20005 
Contact: Paul Bruce Dowling, Execu- 
tive Director. 202/638-1649 
$25,000 / FY 1971 

Development of local interest in recycling 
significant older buildings was the goal 
of this project, which was implemented 
by small seed-money grants to young profes- 
sionals. These seed-money grants were used 
to generate local interest in a restora- 
tion or reuse project; and to help support 
related planning and design work by young 
local designers. 

America the Beautiful Fund 

219 Shoreham Building 

Washington, D.C. 20005 

Contact: Paul Bruce Dowling, Executive 

Director. 202/638-1649 
$60,000 / FY 1973 

Aid to various communities to make adap- 
tive use of historic buildings was given 
under this block grant. Projects aided by 
matching funds under this grant included 
restoration of a railroad depot in Idaho, 
adaptive use of eighteen historic houses 
in Detroit, Michigan and renovation of an 
arcade for arts and crafts in North Dakota. 

America the Beautiful Fund 

219 Shoreham Building 

Washington, D.C. 20005 

Contact: Paul Bruce Dowling, Executive 

Director. 202/638-1649 
$25,000 / FY 1974 

Detailed methods for inventorying and reha- 
bilitating urban neighborhoods in decay and 
need of change were developed in this 
research/teaching program. Methods of 
conducting historic area inventory and 
identifying architectural assets were 
developed (building-by-building inventory 
and photography) and were incorporated in 
a renewal plan. Results of the pilot study 
by architects and students in Boston were 
published in the Highlands Study which has 
been widely distributed and used by pro- 
fessionals and by educational and political 
leaders in the area. 

Boston Architectural Center 

320 Newbury Street 

Boston, Massachusetts 02115 

Contact: Alice M. Coggins. 617/536-3170 

$10,000 and $3,000 / FY 1970 and 1972 

An inventory of urban potentials - "the 
countless buildings, spaces, and neighbor- 
hoods in United States cities with great 
potential for imaginative use and recycling 
instead of being destroyed for inferior re- 
placements" - was funded. The grant was 
used for travel, photography, and research 
in ten cities to identify and photograph 
specific projects with potential, and 
interviews with mayors and planning direc- 
tors to determine feasibility. 

James T. Burns, Jr. 

2500 Leavenworth Street 

San Francisco, California 94133 

$10,000 / FY 1974 

"To halt the neglect of Covington's heri- 
tage, and foster awareness of its rich- 
ness," every building in the city was 
surveyed, and those having - individually 
or as a group - historical or architec- 
tural merit were described and registered, 
and a plan for their preservation or reuse 
submitted to state and city agencies. 

City of Covington, Historic Preservation 
and Architectural Review Board 

Room 308, Covington-Kenton County 
Municipal Building 

Covington, Kentucky 41011 

Contact: Fred N. Donsback, Jr., Direc- 
tor of Urban Development. 606/292-2271 

$10,000 / FY 1974 

Architectoral history research and design 
plans for the restoration of four structures 
in the Eagle Historic District were sup- 
ported by this grant. 

City of Eagle 

General Delivery 

Eagle, Arkansas 99738 

Contact: Mary A. Birchard, Liaison 

$5,000 / FY 1977 

A three-part, adaptive-use analysis of 
selected Harrodsburg structures - signifi- 
cant both architecturally and historically 
- was to be conducted under this grant. 
Following identification of buildings in 
the downtown with adaptive-use potential, 
structural and design feasibility was to 
be explored and implementation strategies 

City of Harrodsburg 

City Hall 

Harrodsburg, Kentucky 40606 

Contact: J. Elmer Sims, Mayor. 606/734-2383 

$5,805 / FY 1976 

An investigation of the architectural and 
economic feasibility of recycling the city 
owned Jaques/Pilling Blocks complex, an 
important assemblage of 1882 Queen Anne 
brick structures in downtown Haverill, 
was supported by this grant. A report do- 
cumenting the redevelopment was to be pub- 

City of Haverhill 

City Hall 

4 Summer Street 

Haverhill, Massachusetts 01830 

Contact: Richard Bryan Swain, City 

Planner. 617/373-1324 
$7,500 / FY 1977 

A broad community revitalization plan for 
North Adams, Massachusetts, was planned. 
The basis of the plan was two historic dis- 
tricts - an 1860 railroad freight yard was 
suggested as a production and education 
arts complex, and a mid-19th-century busi- 
ness district was planned for reuse as a 
pedestrian shopping mall with residences 
above . 

City of North Adams 

69 Main Street 

North Adams, Massachusetts 02147 

Contact: May Ann Beinecke, President, 
Hoosuck Community Resources Corporation, 
510 State Road, North Adams, Massachu- 
setts 02147. 413/663-6368 

$20,000 / FY 1973 

The conservation of over 300 older build- 
ings in Portland, Maine, was planned. All 
historic and architecturally significant 
buildings were identified; and new regu- 
latory controls protecting these buildings 
were formulated. A plan of public improve- 
ment from the city's capital budget or re- 
venue sharing fund to encourage preserva- 
tion was proposed. 

City of Portland 

City Hall 

Portland, Maine 04111 

Contact: Donald E. Megathlin, Jr., 

Planning Director. 207/775-5451 
$23,000 / FY 1974 

An advanced strategy to guide the evolution 
of historic Santa Fe included an inventory 
of historic structural elements including 
its irrigation ditches, river, plazas, 
street patterns, and blockforms. A three- 
dimensional model was generated to provide 
a framework for local owners to carry out 
building schemes consistent with new 

City of Santa Fe 

Planning Department 

P.O. Box 909 

Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501 

Contact: Harry Moul, City Planner. 

505/982-4471, ext. 32 
$21,492 / FY 1974 

A building inventory and adaptive-use fea- 
sibility study for older downtown buildinqs 
were funded under this grant. Prototype 
rehabilitation designs, cost estimates, and 
implementation strategies were to be pre- 
pared for a number of structures with the 
aim of providing additional commercial, cul- 
tural, recreational, and residential space 
in the central business district of Toledo, 

City of Toledo 

Housing Division 

Department of Community Development 

1250 Old Edison Building 

420 Madison Avenue 

Toledo, Ohio 43604 

Contact: Terry Lodge, Research and 

Planning Officer. 419/247-6271 
519,800 / FY 1976 

A series of reports on facilities for the 
arts were researched and produced. Sub- 
jects covered included: exemplary multi- 
use art centers - especially those which 
lend themselves to duplication in similar 
settings around the country; innovative 
and experimental use of space for the visual 
arts in museums; "found facilities" for the 
arts - conversion and adaptive use of 
existing, under-used buildings; adaptation 
of railroad stations for multi-use renova- 
tion, with emphasis on the legal, economic, 
and technical problems involved; and joint 
development and use of facilities for educa- 
tion and arts. In addition to the reports, 
the contractor administered a program of 
on-site technical assistance for numerous 

Educational Facilities Laboratories, Inc. 

850 Third Avenue 

New York, New York 10022 

Contact: Alan C. Green, Executive Vice 

President. 212/751-6214 
$160,000 / FY 1975 

A comprehensive inventory of significant 
buildings, building groups, streetscapes , 
and urban design elements in the city's 
development threatened downtown commer- 
cial center was supported with this grant. 

The Foundation for San Francisco's Archi- 
tectural Heritage 

2007 Franklin Street 

San Francisco, California 94109 

Contact: Charles Hall Page, President, 
Charles Hall Page & Associates, 400 
Montgomery Street, San Francisco, Cali- 
fornia 94104. 415/362-5154 

$15,000 / FY 1977 

The feasibility of conversion of several 
19th-century buildings in Galveston, Texas, 
for arts-related programs and new commercial 
activity under private and government spon- 
sorship, was studied. 

Galveston County Cultural Arts Council, Inc. 

P.O. Box 1105 

Galveston, Texas 77550 

Contact: Emily M. Whiteside. 713/763-6459 

$8,000 / FY 1973 

Counsel on legal/financial aspects of re- 
volving funds for adaptive use were funded. 
The Galveston Historical Foundation, active 
in purchasing historic iron-front structures 
along the historic Strand and reselling them 
to private investors with deed restrictions 
for preservation and exterior restoration, 
needed sophisticated legal advice to resolve 
Federal tax and real property law issues 
unique to preservation. A handbook of the 
results was planned. 

Galveston Historical Foundation, Inc. 

P.O. Box 302 

Galveston, Texas 77550 

Contact: Peter H. Brink, Executive Director. 

$9,000 and $1,500 / FY 1974 and 1975 

Promotion of the adaptive reuse of Gettys- 
burg's many 19th-century buildings by local 
commercial interests was funded. Using an 
architectural inventory and schematic de- 
signs, this project aimed at providing infor- 
mation and assistance to property 
owners and lending institutions. 

Historic Gettysburg-Adams County, Inc. 

104 Baltimore Street 

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania 17325 

Contact: Ed Weintraub, Executive Director. 

$8,000 / FY 1976 

A survey of existing buildings with adaptive- 
use potential was funded. These facilities, 
after modification and renovation, were 
to serve the community and college as a 
multi-purpose performing arts center and 
art exhibition gallery. 

Moorpark College 

7075 Campus Road 

Moorpark, California 90321 

Contact: Lawrence G. Lloyd, Asso- 
ciate Dean of Instruction. 

$2,500 / FY 1976 

Planning, economic feasibility, and arch- 
itectural studies promoting the development 
of a public information and exhibition 
center in New York City received grant 
funding. The center would deal with cur- 
rent design planning and historic preser- 
vation proposals and issues in New York 
City. Included in the study would be a 
review of available buildings in midtown 

Municipal Art Society 

30 Rockefeller Plaza 

New York, New York 10020 

Contact: Bronson Binger, Vice 

President. 212/586-4761 
$12,500 / FY 1977 

Research and development for a Roxbury 
Historical and Architectural Pathway 
and a Community Resources Network were 
made possible by this grant. Components 
of the project were to include feasibility 
studies for the reuse of significant 
neighborhood structures, the formulation 
of implementation strategies, and the 
establishment of a community-based con- 
servation commission. 

Museum of Afro-American History 

Roxbury Headquarters 

90 Warren Street 

Roxbury, Massachusetts 02119 

Contact: Byron Rushing. 617/445-7400 

$20,000 / FY 1976 

A survey study of significant underutil- 
ized buildings in the Civic Center area 
was supported by this grant. The study 
was to lead to a proposal that such under- 
utilized city buildings be made available 
to nonprofit civic and arts groups in a 
partial test of the mixed-use concept. 

New York Landmarks Conservancy, Inc. 

17 Battery Place 

New York, New York 10004 

Contact: Anthony J. Newman. 212/425-4085 

$9,875 / FY 1976 

An urban design assessment and prototype 
rehabilitation plans for selected building 
types in northwest Portland, Oregon, were 
assisted by this grant. Economic feasibil- 
ity studies and community workshops were 
also to be conducted to promote neighbor- 
hood enhancement. 

Northwest District Association 

917 Northwest 23rd Avenue 

Portland, Oregon 97210 

Contact: Edgar Waehier. 503/222-4855 

$4,500 / FY 1976 

A plan for restoration and development of 
St. Paul's historic Hill District included 
proposed policies , guidelines, and stan- 
dards for use by the Historic Commission, 
city agencies, developers, and property 
owners. The area includes two National 
Historic Landmarks and many other notable 
buildings. A realistic program of imple- 
mentation was developed by residents work- 
ing with an interdisciplinary team from 
the University of Minnesota. 

Old Town Restorations, Inc. 

495 Summit Avenue 

St. Paul, Minnesota 55102 

Contact: Richard E. Reed, Director, 

Planning Program. 612/227-1844 
$50,000 / FY 1974 

The research and establishment of guide- 
lines on adapting historic buildings to 
hotel and lodging facilities was funded. 

Theodore H. M. Prudon, C/o Building Con- 
servation Technology, 19 West 44th Street, 
New York, New York 10036. 212/730-1950 

$5,000 / FY 1977 

A master plan and architectural scheme for 
historic Broome Street in New York City - 
classified a landmark area because it con- 
tains "the largest concentration of cast- 
iron architecture" - was developed, tested, 
and refined by review with city agencies 
and other interested groups. The goal: 
retaining the character of the area despite 
urban and traffic pressures in the area. 

Jon M. Schwarting 

471 Broome Street 

New York, New York 10013 

$8,000 / FY 1974 

Planning of the first restoration block in 
the South Street Seaport area was aided - 
including adaptive use planning, design, 
and economic planning for rebuilding the 
19th-century buildings and adjacent water- 
front. Funds were used to retain designers 
and legal and financial advisors to design 
and try to establish a self-supporting 
economic base for housing development in 
the area. 

South Street Seaport Museum 

16 Fulton Street 

New York, New York 10038 

Contact: Bronson Binger, Project 

Director. 212/349-4310 
$50,000 / FY 1974 

An outdoor exposition on the historic arch- 
itecture and life of Wisconsin was planned. 
It was proposed that actual structures from 
the 19th century be moved to a 580-acre 
site in Kettle Morain State Forest where 
they would be reconstructed on land similar 
to that which the settlers cleared; then 
furnished with artifacts. This would tie 
closelv to the state's Bicentennial theme: 
"Old World Wisconsin." 

University of Wisconsin 

Madison, Winconsin 53706 

Contact: William H. Tishler, Department 

of Landscape Architecture. 608/262-9742 
$40,979 / FY 1974 

Planning for the creation of a "cottage 
industry" in the Soulard Neighborhood His- 
toric District was supported through this 
grant. With the aim of providing new uses 
for the District's commercial, industrial, 
and residential structures, the study was to 
emphasize arts, crafts, and home-manufactur- 
ing among the area's underemployed residents. 

Youth, Education and Health in Soulard 

2021 Menard 

St. Louis, Missouri 63104 

Contact: Robert J. Brandhorst, President. 

S3, 775 / FY 1976 

Missions Research, documentation, and planning related 
to the restoration of an 18th-century mission, 
Santa Rosa de Lina at Abiquiu, and efforts 
directed to its establishment as a community 
cultural center received grant funding. 

Archdiocese of Santa Fe 
202 Morningside Drive, S.E. 
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87108 
Contact: Aubrey Owen. 505/685-4333 
$15,000 / FY 1977 

Architectural and archeological research 
in Guerrero, the original Texas frontier 
settlement, supplemented an architectural 
inventory made under an earlier grant. The 
goal was to further substantiate the ori- 
ginal conditions of several missions and 
a presidion, the earliest major structures 
on the frontier, as a guide to restoration. 

Texas Architectural Foundation 

Perry-Brooks Building 

Austin, Texas 78701 

Contact: Miguel Celorio, Vising Asso- 
ciate Professor, School of Architec- 
ture, University of Texas, Austin, 
Texas 78712. 512/471-1922 

$6,000 / FY 1974 



A source book on potential reuse of old 
movie theaters was to be prepared with 
funds from this grant. 

Robert E. Freeman 
435 West 119th Street, #71 
New York, New York 10027 
$10,000 / FY 1976 

Feasibility studies directed to restoring 
the historic Loew' s State Movie Palace as 
a performing arts facility were funded. 

Syracuse Area Landmarks Theatre, Inc. 
1700 One Mony Plaza 
Syracuse, New York 13202 
Contact: Eleanor M. Shopiro, Pres- 
ident. 315/422-1343 
$5,000 / FY 1977 

Office A planning study for a National Museum of 
Buildings the Building Arts, to occupy the historic 
Pension Building in Washington, D.C. was 
funded. The Museum was to be planned to 
incorporate a "central archive; a showcase 
for past and present contributions; a re- 
search center; and a clearinghouse for all 
aspects of American architecture, landscape 
architecture, civil engineering, and ur- 
ban design." 

Committee for the National Museum of the 

Building Arts 
1800 M Street, N.W., Suite 400 South 
Washington, D.C. 20036 

Contact: Wolf von Eckardt. 202/223-7481 
$40,000 / FY 1976 

Architectural planning for the conversion of 
an empty downtown office building to a re- 
gional theatre center which would house the 
theatrical and educational programs of the 
Whole Theatre Company received funding sup- 

The New Jersey Theatre Foundation 
Church Street and Trinity Place 
Montclair, New Jersey 07042 
Contact: Karen Ann Shafer, Managing 

Director. 201/744-2989 
$20,000 / FY 1977 

Opera Houses Preliminary program and architectural plan- 
ning for the opera house and the develop- 
ment of fund raising materials were sup- 
ported by this grant. 

Town of Wise 

Town Hall 

Wise, Virginia 24293 

Contact: Larry M. Couch, Town Manager. 

$5,000 / FY 1977 


An architectural investigation of the fea- 
sibility of restoring and adapting Hubbard 
Hall for professional and community arts 
activities, including a study of necessary 
fire and safety compliance measures, pre- 
liminary design for the opera house, and 
the development of fund raising materials 
was funded. 

Village of Cambridge 

Cambridge, New York 12816 

Contact: Benjamin White, Project Director, 
Cambridge Arts Program. RD #2, 
Cambridge, New York 92816. 518/677-3942 

$5,550 / FY 1977 

Piers The feasibility of transforming a New York 
pier into an interdisciplinary work space 
for artists was studied under this grant. 

New York Foundation for the Arts, Inc. 

60 East 42nd Street 

New York, New York 10017 

Contact: Mark H. Fleischman Davis, Inc. 
4 20 Lexington Avenue, Room 2720, New 
York, New York 10017. 212/683-7700 

$10,000 / FY 1973 

Reuse of piers in San Francisco for public 
use and enjoyment was studied. A physical, 
legal, and economic framework for redevelop- 
ment of Embarcadero Gardens was prepared 
with recommended implementation by a non- 
governmental, nonprofit entity. 

Sierra Club Foundation 

1500 Mills Tower 

220 Bush Street 

San Francisco, California 94104 

Contact: Toby Rosenblatt. 415/362-4195 

$40,000 / FY 1973 

Police Conversion of a 19th-century building into 
Headquarters the Italian-American Cultural Center was to 
be looked at in a comprehensive architec- 
tural and environmental study funded under 
this grant. The project is part of the city's 
overall effort to develop and regenerate 
the 125 acres in lower Manhattan comprising 
"Little Italy." 

Little Italy Restoration Association, Inc. 

187 Grand Street 

New York, New York 10013 

Contact: 'Ntoni Bastiano, Director of 

Cultural Affairs. 212/431-3500 
$20,000 / FY 1976 

Post Off ices A programming and feasibility study of the 
reuse of the Old Post Office included: 
identification of potential users with 
square footage requirements and contingency 
requirements; study of the relationship of 
the building and potential users to trans- 
portation systems, with emphasis on possi- 
ble structural complications arising from 
several alternative subway exit locations; 
research on problems of horizontal and ver- 
tical circulation within the building; ex- 
amination of basic structural, mechanical, 
and electrical systems and recommendation 
on any needed repair - using such profes- 
sional engineers as were required. Final 
drawings, plans, sections, and a report 
were prepared for submittal to the Office 
of Management and Budget and to Congress. 

Architectural Heritage Foundation, Inc. 

Old City Hall 

45 School Street 

Boston, Massachusetts 02108 

Contact: Roger Webb. 617/523-8678 

$46,800 and $20,000 / FY 1974 and 1975 

Cost and market studies for reuse of the 
Old Post Office in Buffalo, New York, were 
funded. The building, constructed in 1901 
and designed by James Knox Taylor, was 
planned for reuse as a community center and 
museum, performing arts center, retail space 
for boutiques and ethnic restaurants, and 
other private uses. The grant permitted an 
updating of earlier cost surveys; and a 
careful study of the best uses to assure a 
good economic base for the building. A num- 
ber of Federal, local, and private agencies 
support the reuse of this unique building. 

Greater Buffalo Development Foundation, Inc. 

1306 Rand Building 

Buffalo, New York 14203 

Contact: Gerald E. Kelly, Executive 

Vice President. 716/856-2708 
$24,048 / FY 1975 

Conversion of an old Post Office into a cul- 
tural center in Morgantown, West Virginia, 
was to be the focus of a planning and fea- 
sibility study. 

Town and Country Players 
671 West View Avenue 
Morgantown, West Virginia 26505 
Contact: Jo P. Kaplan. 304/599-2218 
$10,000 / FY 1976 

Power Plants 

Reuse of the Old Post Office Building as a 
model mixed-use Federal building was en- 
couraged by this contract. The contractor 
worked with General Services Administration 
and the Department of the Interior in con- 
nection with this project; attended inter- 
agency meetings and conferences; assisted 
in the drafting of legislation, hearing tes- 
timony, and impact statements; and acted as 
liaison to contractors and grantees of the 
Endowment to achieve the Endowment's objec- 
tives of making this building a model for its 
program of promoting mixed-use of worthwhile 
older buildings. 

Merrill Ware 

Architecture & Environmental Arts Program 

National Endowment for the Arts 

Washington, D.C. 20506 

$11,700 / FY 1974 

Community reuse of the Abbeville (Louis- 
iana) Water and Light Plant - built in 1922 
and a unique community focal point - was 
planned, along with efforts to improve the 
visual quality of the site in a way that is 
"harmonious with an ongoing urban design 
program. " 

Acadiana Planning and Development District 

P.O. Box 3322 

Lafayette, Louisiana 70501 

Contact: Gary P. LaGrange, Planner-in- 

Charge. 318/233-3215 
$7,400 / FY 1975 


A development plan for the revitalization 
of the Great Falls Power and Raceway Sys- 
tem in Paterson, New Jersey, was funded 
under this grant. 

Great Falls Development, Inc. 

176 Maple Street 

Paterson, New Jersey 07505 

Contact: Francis Blesso, Deputy Director, 
Department of City Development, 52 
Church Street, Paterson, New Jersey 
07505. 201/684-3000 

$11,410 / FY 1975 

Reuse of a 19th-century pumphouse as a com- 
munity-university facility was studied. The 
pumphouse was proposed for use as a day-care, 
health-services, social-services, and re- 
creation facility linking the university 
campus with a large public housing project. 
It was hoped the project would enhance re- 
lationships of the growing university with 
the community. 

University of Massachusetts 

Boston Campus 

Boston, Massachusetts 02125 

Contact: William Rawn, Assistant Chancel- 
lor for Fiscal Planning and Community 
Affairs. 617/287-1900 

$21,089 / FY 1975 





Conversion of a fourteen-mile-long railroad 
right-of-way to a linear park or nature 
way was studied. The spur line, nearing 
abandonment, follows Montana's scenic Gal- 
latin Valley. The project included photo- 
graphing existing conditions, and making 
renderings of possible future uses and 

Bozeman City-County Planning Board 

Room 103 

Gallatin County Courthouse 

Bozeman, Montana 59715 

Contact: Stan Steadman, Planning Director. 

$9,475 / FY 1974 

Planning for reuse of a 1920s railroad sta- 
tion as a cultural center for Temple, Texas, 
was completed under this grant. 

Cultural Activities Center, Inc. 
318 West Avenue G, P.O. Box 3292 
Temple, Texas 76501 

Contact: Moran Kuykendall, Chairman, Rail- 
road and Pioneer Museum. 817/778-8722 
$4,500 / FY 1973 

A study of the reuse of railroad stations 
- "a unique American architectural heri- 
tage" - was funded. The project investi- 
gated ways and means to reuse abandoned 
and under-used stations throughout the 

Educational Facilities Laboratories, Inc. 

850 Third Avenue 

New York, New York 10022 

Contact: Norman Pfeiffer, Hardy, Holzman, 
Pfeiffer Associates, 257 Park Avenue, 
New York, New York 10010. 212/677-6030 

$23,550 / FY 1972 

Preparation of the book Reusing Railroad 
Stations was funded. Resulting from a 
previously-funded study, the book inven- 
toried the most important stations and 
suggested a wide variety of new uses and 

Educational Facilities Laboratories, Inc. 

8 50 Third Avenue 

New York, New York 10022 

Contact: Alan Green. 212/751-6214 

$23,000 / FY 1974 

A workshop on adapting railroad stations 
for multiple use, held on July 21-23, 1974, 
in Indianapolis, was coordinated and plan- 
ned. Objectives of the workshop were the 
establishment of guidelines for adaptive 
use of stations, determination of what le- 
gislation or authority would provide incen- 
tives to make adaptive use more attractive 
to all parties concerned, and the establish- 
ment of a clearinghouse of information on 
such adaptive use. The contract included pre- 
paration of papers on various legal, econ- 
omic, and technical problems/solutions/al- 
ternatives that might be involved in ef- 
forts to revitalize railroad stations. The 
proceedings of the workshop formed the basis 
for a publication on use of railroad sta- 
tions as facilities for the arts. 

Educational Facilities Laboratories, Inc. 

850 Third Avenue 

New York, New York 10022 

Contact: Alan C. Green, Executive Vice 

President. 212/751-6214 
$17,000 / FY 1974 

A documentary on H.H. Richardson's train 
station in New London, Connecticut, was 
funded. The 30-minute slide and tape show 
was to record the history, decline, and 
restoration of the station and was inten- 
ded as an educational tool for communities 
involved in adaptive reuse projects. 

Todd A. Gipstein 

19 Pinckney Street 

Boston, Massachusetts 02114 

$10,000 / FY 1976 

Adaptation of the elevated railroad frame- 
work in Jamaica, Queens, was studied. Trains 
were to be moved to a new subway, and mer- 
chants along Jamaica Avenue discussed a 
modern mall. But "since the El has an im- 
probable beauty, with some values and qual- 
ities that seem worth saving," this study 
examined options for turning parts of the 
El into a design framework as an identity 
for this commercial area. 

Greater Jamaica Development Corporation 

161-10 Jamaica Avenue 

Jamaica, New York 11432 

Contact: F. Carlisle Towery. 212/291-0282 

$50,000 / FY 1974 

Design workshops for local businessmen to 
develop design criteria for visually improv- 
ing the locale of the old elevated railway 
("El") were supported by this grant. An 
earlier grant was used to prepare feasibil- 
ity studies and alternative design solutions 
to the accumulated visual blight of this old 
shopping district. 

Greater Jamaica Development Corporation 

161-10 Jamaica Avenue 

Jamaica, New York 11432 

Contact: F. Carlisle Towery. 212/291-0282 

$20,000 / FY 1976 

Two films on the preservation and reuse of 
historic railroad stations were completed. 
One explored, at length, the creative reuse 
of railroad stations. The other, a shor- 
tened version, was premiered at a national 
conference on railroad station reuse in 
1974. Both have been shown around the 

Roger T. Hagan 

1019 Belmont Place East 

Seattle, Washington 98102 

$20,313 and $5,000 / FY 1972 and 1974 

A study of restoration alternates of an 
underused rail station in Princeton, New 
Jersey - made within the context of a 
major Department of Transportation study 
of reestablishing rail service in north- 
ern New Jersey - included modernization 
of passenger facilities, and studies of 
alternative use mixes, and cultural and 
social value of the station to the commun- 

Jerome M. Lutin 

1-X Hibben Apartments 

Faculty Road 

Princeton, New Jersey 08540 

$8,900 / FY 1974 

Workshops on restoring railroad depots in 
the State of New Jersey were funded. 

Jerome M. Lutin 

1-X Hibben Apartments 

Faculty Road 

Princeton, New Jersey 08540 

$9,650 / FY 1977 

Conversion of a railroad depot to a multi- 
purpose community center in Mount Sterling, 
Kentucky, was to be the focus of this plan- 
ning and design project. The complex was 
to include an arts and crafts center, a 
museum, a center for the elderly and han- 
dicapped, a performing arts center, and 
a restaurant. 

Montgomery County 

P.O. Box 640-C 

Mt. Sterling, Kentucky 40353 

Contact: Judson Edwards. 606/498-6564 

$12,000 / FY 1976 

A study addressing the physical and socio- 
economic impact of the adaptive use of the 
P & LE Railroad complex on surrounding 
neighborhoods was supported. This study 
emphasized the development of design solu- 
tions and accompanying cost estimates. 

Pittsburgh History and Landmarks Founda- 

Old Post Office Museum 

1 Landmarks Square 

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15212 

Contact: Arthur P. Ziegler, President. 

$9,800 / FY 1977 

A survey of remaining passenger depots in 
New Jersey, to determine which might be 
suitable for reuse as community cultural 
facilities, was conducted. Final report 
included photographs, location maps, and 
renovation suggestions. 

Michael Sena 
988 Memorial Drive 
Cambridge, Massachusetts 
$3,260 / FY 1972 


Adaptation of a 19th century railroad sta- 
tion into a community arts center was the 
focus of this feasibility and design study. 
The facility was also to be planned as the 
home for an ongoing program in arts appre- 
ciation, instruction, and professional pro- 
gramming for the community of Williamsport , 

Symbrinck Associates, Inc. 

P. 0. Box 1042 

74 3 West Fdwin Street 

Williamsport, Pennsylvania 17701 

Contact: James Svmmons , Fxecutive Director, 

$7,095 / FY 1976 

Recreational A comprehensive revitalization plan for 
Facilities Coney Island was to be prepared under this 
grant with emphasis on the preservation 
and adaptive use of older recreational fa- 
cilities, the creation of new community 
amenities for vacant land, and the enhance- 
ment of the seashore and the commercial 
strip. Study was to aim at the promotion 
of private investment in the area and an 
increase in public awareness of Coney Is- 
land as an accessible urban resource. 

Rest Homes 

Institute of Human Relations of the 

American Jewish Committee 
165 East 56th Street 
New York, New York 10022 
Contact: Valerie Jorrin, Director of 

Community Development. 212/751-4000 
$20,000 / FY 1976 

Planning for the conversion of historic 
buildings into a full-scale cultural com- 
plex at Sailor's Snug Harbor included a 
series of town meetings to gain community 

Borough of Staten Island 

Borough Hall 

Staten Island, New York 10301 

Contact: Thomas Schleier, Chairman, Snug 
Harbor Cultural Center, P. 0. Box 252, 
Staten Island, New York 10305. 

$20,000 / FY 1976 

Adaptive use of historic buildings on an 
80-acre landscaped campus on Staten Island 
was planned. Formerly the Sailors' Snug 
Harbor, this unique collection of build- 
ings - five Greek Revival halls, cottages 
in School Empire style, an Italianate Cha- 
pel of 1855, and others - will be used as 
a cultural center. Project included an 
inventory, preparation of a scheme for 
adaptive use, and designs for integrating 
needed new facilities. 

Staten Island Institute of Arts and Sciences 
75 Stuyvesant Place 
Staten Island, New York 10301 
Contact: James Marston Fitch, Graduate 
Program, Historic Preservation, Columbia 
University, New York, New York 10027 
$12,500 / FY 1975 

Rivers The best use of seven streams and rivers in 
Columbus, Ohio, was studied. A new design 
concept for reshaping, conserving and "pre- 
serving" the rivers, and for "facing the 
city towards the rivers" was developed. 

City of Columbus 

Department of Recreation and Parks 

Columbus, Ohio 43215 

Contact: Kenneth J. McElroy, Chief Land 

Architect. 614/461-7342 
$40,000 / FY 1974 

The design and presentation of the Patapsco 
River Restoration Plan - "intended to pre- 
serve this small Maryland river much as 
historic buildings are preserved" - was 
funded. The goal: to show by this small 
example how larger and more complex river 
systems can be restored as publicly or 
privately held trusts contributing to the 
beauty of the landscape. 

Rurik F. Ekstrom 
10351 Barcan Circle 
Columbia, Maryland 21044 
$8,875 / FY 1974 

Roofs Use of rooftop space for public and semi- 
public activities - cultural and/or re- 
creational - was studied. Focus of the 
team of investigators was legal regulation, 
low-cost design, construction and equipment 

Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science 

and Art 
Cooper Square 
New York, New York 10003 
Contact: George Sadek, Dean, School of 

Art and Architecture. 212/254-6300 
$45,150 / FY 1973 


Schools Adaptation of the Engle Street High School 

to a multi-use arts center was funded. r -rant 
funds were to be used to support a feasi- 
bility study to determine probable occu- 
pancy, conversion costs, and operating costs. 

Art Center of Northern New Jersey 

10 Jay Street 

Tenafly, New Jersey 07670 

Contact: Byron R. Kelley, Director. 

$5,000 / FY 1977 

Assistance was provided to research all 
changes and additions made to the electrical 
system of the Academy Building, built in 
1861. This also included tracing the 
circuits and making new electrical diagrams 
for all spaces in the house. 

Brooklyn Academy of Music, Inc. 

30 Lafayette Avenue 
Brooklyn, New York 11217 
Contact: Henry A. Young, Jr., Vice 

President. 212/636-4146 
$7,590 / FY 1977 

Pees for redesign of a college and high 
school complex for a theater was funded. 
St. Ignatius Loyola College and High School 
is being renovated into a 500-seat theater 
for Center Stage - at a total cost of $1.6 
million . 

Center Stage Associates 

31 East North Avenue 
Baltimore, Maryland 21202 
Contact: Peter W. Culman, Managing 

Director. 301/685-3200 
$100,000 / FY 1975 

Conversion of an old school into a commun- 
ity cultural center was assisted by this 
grant given for planning and preliminary 
design plans. 

City of Troy 

City Hall 

P. 0. Box 625 

Troy, Alabama 36081 

Contact: Glenn Kent. 205/566-6066 

$14,000 / FY 1976 

The adaptive reuse of the former Turlock 
High School as a community cultural com- 
plex was the aim of this project. Grant 
funds were to be used to support the Bi- 
centennial Committee of Turlock 's struc- 
tural study and the development of pre- 
liminary architectural plans. 

City of Turlock 

P. 0. Drawer T. 

Turlock, California 95380 

Contact: Marion E. Unruh. 209/632-6305 

S6,000 / FY 1976 

Development of a resource book on design 
and use of public school grounds was funded. 

Educational Futures, Inc. 

Built Environment Education Center 

4508 Regent Street 

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19143 

Contact: Aase Eriksen, Project Advisor. 

$19,850 / FY 1976 

A detailed planning and design study of a 
proposed extension to the Elma Lewis School 
of Fine Arts was to be conducted under 
this grant. The extension plans contain a 
theater, a museum-gallery space, and an 
attached retail and restaurant structure. 

Elma Lewis School of Fine Arts 
122 Elm Hill Avenue 
Dorchester, Massachusetts 02121 
Contact: John Francis, Administrator. 

$19,700 / FY 1976 

Restoration and adaptation of an historic 
building for use as a cultural arts center 
serving the regional community of Escon- 
dido, California, was explored under this 

Escondido Regional Arts Council 
P.O. Box 48 

Escondido, California 92025 
Contact: Joseph Marca, President. 

$20,000 / FY 1976 

Renovation of Public School #1 into studio 
spaces for individual artists according to 
their financial needs was supported by this 
grant through long-range planning, design, 
and fund-raising programs. The facility 
was also to include space for exhibitions, 
performances, and video/film programs. 

Institute for Art and Urban Resources 
c/o The Clocktower 
Floor 13, 108 Leonard Street 
New York, New York 10013 
Contact: Alanna Heiss, Executive Direc- 
tor. 212/233-1096 
$10,000 / FY 1976 

The conversion of the historic 1894 school 
building into a local museum and community 
center in Silver Plume, Colorado, was to 
be studied under this grant. This second 
stage of planning was to include reorgan- 
ization of displays for better use of 
space, a study of technical and equipment 
requirements, safety code study, and a long- 
term restoration scheme. 

People for Silver Plume, Inc. 

Box 93 5 

Silver Plume, Colorado 80476 

Contact: Pauline Marshall. 303/569-2654 

$2,400 / FY 1976 

A statewide technical assistance program 
dealing with the reuse of surplus school 
buildings was supported with emphasis on 
economic and structural feasibility stud- 
ies for four prototype structures, tech- 
nical leaflets, a travelling exhibit, and 
public relations materials aimed at pot- 
ential users. 

Preservation League of New York State, Inc. 
184 Washington Avenue 
Albany, New York 12210 

Contact: Diana S. Waite, Executive Dir- 
ector. 518/462-5658 
$9,310 / FY 1977 

A film on successful school reuse projects 
was assisted by this grant. Emphasis was 
to be placed on procedural and professional 
requirements for such a reuse, with the con- 
version of a Gloucester, Massachusetts, 
grammar school into an apartment facility 
serving as an example. 

Albert Viator 

3 Calder Street 

Gloucester, Massachusetts 01930 

$8,000 / FY 1976 

Shipyards Development of design guidelines for reuse 
of the vacant Boston Naval Shipyard. This 
National Landmark property, adjacent to 
the U.S.S. Constitution National Historic 
Site, was to be developed in keeping with 
the historic environment. 

Boston Redevelopment Authority 
City Hall, Room 911 
Boston, Massachusetts 02201 
Contact: Robert T. Kenney, Director. 

$10,000 / py 1976 

Sidewalks The unearthing and cleaning of eighty- to 
ninety-year-old brick sidewalks (with 
future maintenance guaranteed) was intended 
as part of the restoration of this Spoon 
River community, emphasizing the period 
1890 to 1910. 

Village of London Mills, Illinois 61544 
Contact: Robert C. Boden, President, 

Board of Trustees. 309/486-3315 
$900 / FY 1975 

Squares and Proposals to preserve historic courthouse 
Greens squares in Virginia were developed. Fifteen 
squares, all focal points of small communi- 
ties, were photographed and described; and 
for nine, site plans were drawn. 

Paul S. Dulaney 
Box 6 

Greenwood, Virginia 
$5,000 / FY 1971 


The reestablishment of traditional commun- 
ity cultural centers in small towns in Ver- 
mont was the focus of this project. The 
collaboration of architects and designers 
in a statewide project was to focus atten- 
tion on the reuse of village greens. 

Vermont Council on the Arts, Inc. 
136 State Street 
Montpelier, Vermont 05602 
Contact: Ellen M. Lovell, Executive 

Director. 802/828-3291 
$10,000 / FY 1976 

Streets The planning/design study for Ann Arbor's 
Liberty Street corridor, facilitated by 
this grant, was to place special emphasis 
on the impact of a newly constructed Fed- 
eral building. Combining adaptive use 
designs with financial incentives, the 
study was to attempt to increase commitment 
by public officials to the conservation 
of remaining 19th-century streetscape ele- 
ments on a route linking the central busi- 
ness district, the University campus, and 
adjacent residential neighborhoods. 

Ann Arbor Tomorrow 

115-1/2 East Liberty Street 

Ann Arbor, Michigan 48108 

Contact: Guy C. Larcom, Jr., Executive 

Director. 313/665-4433 
$10,000 / FY 1976 

The enhancement of Auburn Avenue, focus of 
Atlanta's black community, was planned. Be- 
ginning at Peachtree Street, the Avenue is 
the center of many distinctive churches, 
historic buildings, and social interaction 
centers now embedded among neglected build- 
ings and lots. Local citizens, city offi- 
cials, and university professionals studied 
the historic, economic, and physical devel- 
opment potential of the area and produced 
plans, designs, and strategies to save it. 

City of Atlanta 
City Hall 

Atlanta, Georgia 30303 

Contact: Jules M. Sugarman, Chief Admin- 
istrative Officer. 404/658-6122 
$48,400 / FY 1974 

The restoration and revitalization of the 
James Street area in Newark - a large 
grouping of brick and masonry townhouses 
surviving near the business district, the 
Newark Museum, the library, and several 
city campuses - was studied. The goal was 
restoration of housing now converted to 
rooming houses, and establishment of a 
distinct community identity through resi- 
dential rehabilitation, selected new de- 
velopment, and public improvements - with 
many community organizations and residents 

City of Newark 

City Hall 

Newark, New Jersey 07102 

Contact: Alfred Shapiro, Planning Officer, 
Mayor's Policy and Development Office, 
24 Commerce Street, 11th Floor, Newark, 
New Jersey 07102. 201/623-6858 

$49,055 / FY 1974 

Design studies and public awareness efforts 
for selected streetscapes in Brooklyn and 
Manhattan were assisted by this grant. Cho- 
sen for the special character that each 
provides to its surrounding neighborhood, 
the streets were to include Mulberry Street 
in Little Italy; and Broadway, Court Street, 
and Newkirk Plaza in Brooklyn. Emphasis was 
to be on providing design options and imple- 
mentation tools to community residents com- 
mitted to community enhancement. 

City Planning Department Fund 
2 Lafayette Street 
New York, New York 10007 
Contact: Raquel Ramati, Director, 
Urban Design Group. 212/566-0600 
$20,000 / FY 1976 

Replanning of Orleans Street in the Vieux 
Carre as a pedestrian mall involved a de- 
tailed study of the history of the street 
as well as a detailed design. The four- 
block-long avenue connects the historic 
St. Louis Cathedral- Jackson Square Complex 
with the New Orleans Cultural Center, and 
would become a landscaped, pedestrian- 
oriented passage. 

Jack R. Cosner 

1029 Orleans Street 

New Orleans, Louisiana 70116 

$10,000 / FY 1974 

A proposal to separate the streets of cen- 
tral Washington, D.C., into two systems - 
a "private system" of grid streets assigned 
to pedestrians, trucks, and autos; and a 
"public system" of boulevards intersecting 
squares and circles assigned to pedestrians, 
buses, and bicycles - was intended "to 
return L'Enfant's boulevards, circles, and 
squares to their original function of 
public open space." 

District of Columbia 

Office of Planning and Management 

Room 409, District Building 

Washington, D.C. 20004 

Contact: Joseph Passonneau, 3015 Q Street, 

N.W., Washington, D.C. 20007 

$50,000 / FY 1974 

Development of a "City Place" in Austin - 
an outdoor space "where all can feel the 
uniqueness of the city, with a sense of 
the past and future" - was proposed. The 
grant funded redevelopment of a street 
with its adjacent structures and graphics 
in an effort to provide a center for co- 
ordination of all renewal efforts in the 
downtown area. Analysis was made of the 
physical aspects and also the economic fea- 
sibility and financial program. The site 
chosen in Austin was Congress Avenue, the 
old main street leading from the Colorado 
River to the State Capitol. 

John Andrew Gallery 
1406 Hardouin Avenue 
Austin, Texas 78703 
$10,000 / FY 1974 

Reclamation of the amenities of historic 
streets in Annapolis, Maryland, was planned, 
including removal of some of the modern ma- 
cadam surfacing to restore the original 
cobble, brick, or Belgian block paving; 
and design and installation of street 
furniture, lighting standards, and other 
details appropriate to the historic area. 

Historic Annapolis, Inc. 

18 Pinkney Street 

Annapolis, Maryland 21401 

Contact: Richard Kearns. 301/267-7619 

$9,566 / FY 1975 

The preparation of a traveling multi-media 
exhibit, "Main Street," was supported by 
this grant. The exhibit was to be designed 
to encourage small Indiana towns to work 
for physical and visual improvements in 
their commercial sections, and was to demon- 
strate ways in which this might be accom- 
plished. The topics were to include analy- 
sis of the townscape, cost estimating on 
facade improvement, color spectrum for 
painting various styles of buildings, and 
model block restoration. 

Historic Landmarks Foundation of Indiana, 

3402 Boulevard Place 
Indianapolis, Indiana 46208 
Contact: Christopher Owens, Director 

of Property and Planning. 

$6,150 / FY 1976 

A case study of the potential of a specific 
street - aimed at discovering in detail 
its visual (physical design) and operation 
potential "as a positive organizing spatial 
element in the urban fabric" - was under- 
taken. It was proposed to study the street 
as a complex environmental problem, rather 
than an operation or traffic-control problem. 

Institute for Architecture and Urban 

8 West 40th Street 
New York, New York 10018 

Contact: Peter D. Eisenman. 212/947-0765 
$30,000 / FY 1969 

A program for maintenance and clean-up of 
Meredith, New Hampshire, was planned - in- 
cluding an appeal for support to all groups 
in the community; establishment of a program 
of street and sidewalk repair and cleaning; 
tree planting and landscaping; and establish- 
ment of new standards for signs, awnings, 
and street furniture. 

Lakes Region Planning Commission 
11 Lang Street 

Meredith, New Hampshire 03253 
Contact: David G. Scott, Executive 

Director. 603/279-6550 
$5,000 / FY 1975 

To increase public awareness and involve- 
ment in the reuse of Main Street in Ogden, 
Utah, was the focus of this project. An 
audio-visual presentation and brochure were 

Ogden City Corporation 

Department of Community Development 

2650 Washington Boulevard 

Ogden, Utah 84401 

Contact: Richard L. Larsen, City Manager. 

$5,910 / FY 1976 

An analysis of recycling streets to non- 
vehicular use in Honolulu and Berkeley 
categorized streets as "channel connectors" 
or "separators," or "reuse potential" for 
bazaars, festivals, parks, housing sites, 
or bicycling. 

Jack T. Sidener 
2161 Shattuck Avenue 
Berkeley, California 94707 
$9,500 / FY 1974 

A questionnaire, guidebook, and workshops 
based on Recycling Streets , a guide to 
neighborhood improvement were funded. 

Jack T. Sidener 
2161 Shattuck Avenue 
Berkeley, California 94704 
$10,000 / FY 1977 

The legal considerations and physical 
features of private streets were analyzed 
for possible application to future urban 
plans. The study was based on a system of 
private streets developed between 1867 and 
1905 in St. Louis, Missouri - still admired 
for their quiet, limited traffic, green 
spaces, and sense of cohesiveness and order. 
The study was documented in written reports 
and drawings. 

Robert L. Vickery 
436 North First Street 
Charlottesville, Virginia 22901 
$4,200 / FY 1970 

Studios A survey and design study of "living-loft 
space" for artists, a community arts gal- 
lery, and a theater space within the 
developing arts center in New Haven was to 
be conducted under this grant. The grant 
helped further the unique "Homestead Act 
for Artists," which was initiated by the 
Arts Council and would provide living and 
studio space for artists. 

The Arts Council of Greater New Haven 

110 Audubon Street 

New Haven, Connecticut 06511 

Contact: Charles Henry Brewer, Jr., The 
Architects Office, 1044 Chapel Street, 
New Haven, Connecticut 06510 

$10,000 / FY 1976 

Inexpensive studio space was maintained for 
Detroit artisans, architects, urban de- 
signers, painters, sculptors, photograph- 
ers, printmakers, and other craftsmen. 

Detroit Common Ground of the Arts 

6463 East Warren Avenue 

Detroit, Michigan 48207 

Contact: Cornelius Gabler, President, 
3300 Book Building Tower, Detroit, 
Michigan 48226. 313/963-8963 

$13,800 / FY 1968 


Architectural planning for the expansion 
of Womanspace , Inc . , a downtown work 
center for the arts providing artists' 
studios, musicians' practice space and 
writers' carrells was supported. 

Woman Space, A Work Center for the Arts 

938 Pearl Street 

Boulder, Colorado 80302 

Contact: Helen R. Turvey, Director. 

$5,000 / FY 1977 

Theatres A long-range design program for San Fran- 
cisco's historic Geary Theatre as a per- 
manent performing facility for the Amer- 
ican Conservatory Theatre was assisted by 
this grant. The study was also to include 
initial planning for a theatre to be built 
on adjoining property to house their new 
"Plays in Progress" program. 

American Conservatory Theatre Foundation 
450 Geary Street 

San Francisco, California 94102 
Contact: Dave Hawkanson. 415/771-3880 
$10,000 / FY 1976 

Assistance for architectural designing 
and securing of professional services to 
determine mechanical, safety, and other 
technical specifications in the restora- 
tion of the Mishler Theatre were supported. 

The Blair County Arts Foundation 

1203 12th Avenue 

Altoona, Pennsylvania 16601 

Contact: Mary Ann Bloom. 814/695-2586 

$8,960 / FY 1977 

A full-scale design program for the conver- 
sion of the historic Merced Theatre was 
supported by this grant. The reconstructed 
theatre was planned as the new home of the 
Mark Taper Forum's experimental theatre 

Center Theatre Group of Los Angeles 
135 North Grand Avenue 
Los Angeles, California 90012 
Contact: William P. Wingate, General 

Manager, Mark Taper Forum. 213/626-5781 
$10,000 / FY 1976 

Assistance in the payment of architectural 
fees for the schematic and design develop- 
ment phases for the currently planned con- 
solidation of the Play House's two facili- 
ties at their landmark 86th Street Theatre 
was provided by this grant. 

Cleveland Play House 
2040 East 86th Street 
Cleveland, Ohio 44106 

Contact: Richard Oberlin, Director, Cleve- 
land Playhouse. 216/321-3476 
$20,000 / FY 1977 

The planning for Phase Three of the renova- 
tion of the historic Lamar House-Bijou Thea- 
tre as a performing arts center was supported 
by this grant. Particular emphasis was to be 
given to the use of the hotel space as sup- 
port facilities for the performing arts. 

Knoxville Heritage, Inc. 

P.O. Box 1746 

Knoxville, Tennessee 37901 

Contact: W. Glenn Bullock, President. 

$18,300 / FY 1977 

Expansion and renovation plans for the 1892 
Lyric Theatre in mid-town Baltimore re- 
ceived support. Grant funds were to assist 
in the payment of architectural and engi- 
neering fees and allowed the continued opera- 
tion of the theatre as a major facility 
for ballet, opera, and symphonic music. 

Lyric Foundation, Inc. 

128 West Mount Royal Avenue 

Baltimore, Maryland 21201 

Contact: Russell C. Wonderlic, Chairman, 

Development Committee. 301/685-5086 
$20,000 / VY 1977 

The feasibility of renovating the historic 
Dalton Theatre in Pulaski, Virginia, as a 
community-based arts facility was the fo- 
cus of this grant. Specifically, a market- 
ing study was to be undertaken to deter- 
mine anticipated use and support for the 
community arts center, and a structural 
analysis was to be made to determine anti- 
cipated renovation costs. 

New River Valley Planning Commission 
1612 Wadsworth Street 
P.O. Box 3762 
Radford, Virginia 24141 

Contact: Gordon Dixon, Executive Direc- 
tor. 703/639-9313 
$8,620 / FY 1976 

A study of the architectural facade and 
interior needs of Marion, Ohio's historic 
Palace Theatre, currently being restored 
as a community arts center, was funded 
under this grant. A national register 
property, the restoration of the theatre, 
was declared the community's major Bicen- 
tennial project. 

Palace Cultural Arts Association 

P.O. Box 462 

Marion, Ohio 43302 

Contact: Nancy Sitterley. 614/389-4329 

$5,310 / FY 1976 

A master plan for the restoration of the 
Paramount Theatre as a performing arts cen- 
ter was supported. 

Paramount Theatre for the Performing Arts., 

P.O. Box 1205 
Austin, Texas 78767 
Contact: John M. Bernardoni, President. 

$17,500 / FY 1977 

The adaptive reuse of the historic Standard 
(Folly) Theatre as a multipurpose commun- 
ity theatre was to be studied under this 
grant. The redesigned facility was to 
have 1,000 seats and was to be accessible 
to the handicapped . 

Performing Arts Foundation of Kansas City 

2715 Commerce Tower 

Kansas City, Missouri 64199 

Contact: Joan Dillon, Vice President 

$20,000 / FY 1976 

A structural investigation for the restora- 
tion of the Astor Theatre was supported. 
Special consideration was to be given to 
retaining the original design and architec- 
tural detailing while improving the Theatre 
as a performing arts facility for the Berks 
County community. 

Redevelopment Authority, City of Reading, 

Reading, Pennsylvania 19602 

Contact: David E. Anderson, Executive 

Director. 215/375-4291 
$5,000 / FY 1977 

Economic and architectural feasibility stu- 
dies for the restoration and conversion of 
the Sooner Theatre were supported. Assis- 
tance was also provided to develop mater- 
ials to promote implementation so the thea- 
tre could be used by community organiza- 

Sooner Theatre of Norman, Inc. 

104 East Eufala Street 

Norman, Oklahoma 7 3069 

Contact: Fred D. Shellabarger , Fred 

Shellabarger Associates, 2500 South He- 
Gee Drive, Norman, Oklahoma 73069 

$5,025 / FY 1977 

A preliminary site planning and building 
design package for renovation and expansion 
of Atlanta's Academy Theatre was funded. 
Special focus was to be directed to solar 
heating and lighting studies for the thea- 
tre, as well as incorporation of two ad- 
jacent city lots into the master plan. 

Southeastern Academy of Theatre and Music, 
Inc. (Academy Theatre) 

3212 Roswell Road, N.E. 

Atlanta, Georgia 30305 

Contact: Frank Wittow, Executive Artis- 
tic Director. 404/261-8550 

$10,000 / FY 1977 

A three-stage planning study establishing 
a permanent home for the Wilma Project Free 
Theatre in Philadelphia was scheduled under 
this grant. The study was to include an 
analysis of facility needs, an investiga- 
tion of the three buildings and the relative 
economic feasibility of their reuse, and 
the development of preliminary design 

The Wilma Project 

2212 Spruce Street 

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19103 

Contact: Linda Griffith, Artistic 

Director. 215/379-3174 
$6,600 / FY 1976 

Towns A feasibility study and an implementation 
document on the conversion of the historic 
town of Walpack to an Art Town was funded. 
The town would house the Foundation's 
existing artists' programs and Environmen- 
tal Campus and would be administered 
through a cooperative agreement with the 
National Park Service 

Artists for Environment Foundation 

Columbia, New Jersey 078 32 

Contact: Joel Corcos Levy, President. 

$20,000 / FY 1977 

TownHalls An adaptive use feasibility and design 

study of two historic buildings in Lincoln, 
Nebraska, was funded. The grantee, in con- 
junction with the city, planned to convert 
the historic Old City Hall and the Old 
Federal Building into a 2,500-seat perfor- 
ming arts center and office complex. 

City of Lincoln 

555 South 10th Street 

Lincoln, Nebraska 68508 

Contact: Barbara Henderson, Chairman, 

Lincoln Bicentennial Committee. 

$20,000 / fy 1976 


Conversion of the old Town Hall into a 
community theater was to be studied under 
this grant. Architectural plans included 
an investigation of general specifications 
for facility, technical, and equipment 
requirements . 

Town of Crested Butte, Colorado 81224 
Contact: Myles C. Rademan, Director, 

Planning Department. P.O. Box 376, 

Gunnison, Colorado 81224 
$1,000 / FY 1976 

The renovation of the town's open spaces 
and its historic Town Hall was to be ac- 
complished through the retention of qual- 
ified professional services. 

Village of Hudson 

130 North Main Street 

Hudson, Ohio 44236 

Contact: James W. Nelson, Councilman. 

$20,000 / FY 1976 

Warehouses A redevelopment study of the Warehouse Dis- 
trict within the city's central business 
district was funded. The study was to in- 
clude a building catalogue, economic and 
architectural feasibility studies for five 
building types, and a developer's guide to 
rehabilitation legislation and funding 

City of Baltimore 

Baltimore, Maryland 21202 

Contact: Ms. Barbara A. Hoff, Executive 
Director, Commission for Historic and 
Architectural Preservation, Room 900, 
26 South Calvert Street, Baltimore, 
Maryland 21202. 301/396-4599 

$7,995 / FY 1977 

An historic building survey and preserva- 
tion plan for Cleveland's warehouse dis- 
trict was assisted by this grant. The pro- 
ject was to emphasize the delineation of 
adaptive use potential for the area's 
19th-century commercial buildings and to 
increase awareness of preservation tech- 
niques by property owners. 

City of Cleveland 

City Hall 

Cleveland, Ohio 44114 

Contact: John D. Cimperman, Director, 

Cleveland Landmarks Commission. 

$10,000 / FY 1976 

Assessment of Burlington's need for an art 
facility and design planning for the adap- 
tation of a downtown warehouse building for 
performance, exhibition, and instruction in 
the arts were supported. 

The Community Arts & Media Center, Inc. 
37 Orchard Terrace 
Burlington, Vermont 05401 
Contact: Robert E. Durand, Project 

Director. 802/658-2115 
$10,650 / FY 1977 

Adaptive use of a 1913 riverfront railroad 
warehouse as a community facility for 
Pittsburgh was studied under this grant. 

Pittsburgh History and Landmarks Foundation 
The Old Post Office 
701 Allegheny Square West 
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15212 
Contact: Arthur P. Ziegler, Jr., Pres- 
ident. 412/322-1204 
$3,800 / FY 1973 

A complete landscaping plan for Frank Lloyd 
Wright's A.D. German Warehouse, to be used 
as a cultural center for Richland County, 
was funded. 

Richland Museum. Ltd. (THE WAREHOUSE) 
300 South Church Street 
Richland Center, Wisconsin 53581 
Contact: David Kopitzke, Director. 

$1,920 / FY 1977 

Waterfronts A design study of the potential reuse of 
underutilized older buildings and vacant 
land on the Burlington waterfront was 
assisted by this grant. 

City of Burlington 

Planning Commission 

P.O. Box 941 

Burlington, Vermont 05401 

Contact: William M. Aswad, Chairman. 

$20,000 / FY 1976 

A study of multiuse possibilities for a 
deteriorating waterfront in Portland, Maine, 
set up new public access to the waterfront, 
and established design controls over reha- 
bilitation and new construction. 

City of Portland 

Planning Department 

City Hall 

Portland, Maine 04111 

Contact: Paul A. Rollins. 207/775-5451 

$39,645 / PY 1973 

A study of design details for a waterfront 
greenbelt linking a public beach, a voca- 
tional school, several historic sites, and 
a proposed marina was funded. The pro- 
posed walkway was to key upon a number of 
traditional but overlooked factors in the 
history and physical environment of the 
City of South Portland, Maine. 

City of South Portland 
City Hall 
25 Cottage Road 
South Portland, Maine 04106 
Contact: Joseph F. Ziepniewski, Direc- 
tor of Planning. 207/767-3201 
$12,000 / FY 1976 

A comprehensive study of the Davenport 
waterfront - extending nine miles along the 
Mississippi - was planned. Present land uses 
include the central business district, com- 
mercial, industrial, residential and open 
space; all in unplanned relationships. The 
study was undertaken just ahead of a pro- 
posal for flood control by the Corps of 

Davenport Levee Improvement Commission 

City Hall 

Davenport, Iowa 52801 

Contact: Eugene O. Johnson, Executive 

Secretary. 319/326-7765 
$18,750 / FY 1974 

Alternatives for urban waterfront seafood 
areas were developed; design solutions 
which incorporated vernacular design, 
small-scale activities, and diversity 
into viable urban waterfront projects. 

Ann Satterthwaite 
1320 27th Street, N.W. 
Washington, D.C. 20007 
$7,450 / FY 1973 

A study of the historic Vieux Carre water- 
front in New Orleans identified immediate 
and long-range goals for the best utiliza- 
tion of the area for recreational, indus- 
trial, commercial, and transportation 
needs, leading to design proposals for the 

Tulane University 

6823 St. Charles Avenue 

New Orleans, Louisiana 70118 

Contact: William K. Turner, Dean, 

School of Architecture. 504/865-4011 
$30,000 / FY 1969 


Yards A demonstration of creating open* space by 
combining rear yards of a typical urban 
city block - to provide a common neigh- 
borhood green and recreational open space 
- was planned. The hope was that "if such 
a new city option were available on a 
broad scale, it would provide inducement 
to help stop the outflow of residents to 
the suburbs. " 


San Francisco Planning and Urban Renewal 

126 Post Street 

San Francisco, California 94108 
Contact: Sherwood Stockwell, Member of 

the Board. 415/781-1526 
$9,300 / FY 1975 

ZOOS The Pawtucket Zoo was redefined, reorgan- 

ized, and rehabilitated under a design study 
financed by this grant. The new plan trans- 
formed the zoo from a confined space into 
a "natural environment display setting," 
and an action program to implement the 
proposal was begun. 

City of Pawtucket 

City Hall 

Pawtucket, Rhode Island 02860 

Contact: Joseph W. Dragon, Director 

of Recreation and Parks. 

$30,000 / FY 1974 


City of Troy 
Schools 14,000/76 


City of Eagle 
Miscellaneous 5,ooo/77 

Mark L. Hinshaw 
Military Bases 9 , 2 0/7 4 


Commercial Town of Florence 
Buildings 10000/74 


American Conservatory Theatre Foundation 
Theatres 10,000/76 

James T. Burns, Jr. 
Miscellaneous 10,000/74 

Center Theatre Group of Los Angeles 
Theatres 10,000/76 

City of Turlock 
Schools 6,000/7 6 

Escondido Regional Arts Council 
Schools 2,00 0/7 6 

Foundation for San Francisco's Architectural 
Miscellaneous 15,000/77 

Houses/ 10,000/76 


Moorpark College 
Miscellaneous 2,500/76 

San Francisco Planning and Urban Renewal 
Yards 9,300/75 

Jack T. Sidener 
Streets 10,000/77 

Streets 9,500/74 

Sierra Club Foundation 
Piers 40,000/73 

Trust for Public Land 
Lots 3,400/76 


People for Silver Plume, Inc. 



Town of Crested Butte 

Town Halls 


Woman Space, A Work Center for the Arts 




The Arts Council of Greater New Haven 



City of Bristol 





Delaware State Arts Council 
Factories and 20,000/77 

District of Columbia 

M iscellaneous 








Corner Stores 


Factories and 



Factories and 



Post Offices 

America the Beautiful Fund 




Borrowed Time Productions 


Committee for the National Museum for the 

Building Arts 

District of Columbia, Office of Planning 

and Management 

Donald Williams Evans, Planners Inc. 

Metropolitan A.M.E. Church 

National Trust for Historic Preservation 


New Playwrights Theatre of Washington, Inc. 


Harry G. Robinson 


Ann Satterthwaite 


Society for Industrial Archeology 



Merrill Ware 


Factories and 








City of Atlanta 


Georgia College 


Southeastern Academy of Theatre and Music, 



Idaho State Historical Society 


Chicago School of Architecture Foundation 


City of Galesburg 

Roosevelt University 


Village of London Mills 


Benjamin H. Weese 



Historic Landmarks Foundation of Indiana, Inc 
Streets 6,150/76 


City of Sioux City 
Auditoriums 2 0,000/77 

Davenport Levee Improvement Commission 
Waterfronts 18,750/74 







City of Covington 


City of Harrodsburg 


City of Louisville, Community Development 

Montgomery County 


Acadiana Planning and Development District 


Central Louisiana Art Association 


Jack R. Cosner 


Tulane University 



City of Portland 



City of South Portland 


Greater Portland Arts Council 



Center Stage Associates 
Schools 10,000/75 

City of Baltimore 
Warehouses 7,99 5/7 7 

East Baltimore Educational Foundation, Inc. 
Breweries 10,000/75 

Rurik F. Ekstrom 
Rivers 8,875/74 

Historic Annapolis, Inc. 
Streets 9,566/75 

Lyric Foundation, Inc. 
Theatres 20,000/77 

Power Plants 





Post Offices 
Post Offices 

























Architectural Heritage Foundation, Inc. 



Boston Architectural Center 



Boston Center for the Arts 


Boston Redevelopment Authority 



Cheswick Center 


City of Haverhill 


City of Lowell 


City of North Adams 


DeCordova and Dana Museum and Park 


Elma Lewis School of Fine Arts 


Todd A. Gipstein 


Hoosuck Community Resources Corporation 


Human Services Corporation 


Museum of Afro-American History 


Portuguese Heritage Foundation 


Michael Sena 

University of Massachusetts 


Albert Viator 








Ann Arbor Tomorrow 


City of Marquette 


Detroit Common Ground of the Arts 


Grand Rapids Art Museum 


Professional Skills Alliance 



City of Minneapolis 

Old Town Restorations, Inc. 


Saint Paul Council of Arts and sciences 



Factories and 










James Eugene Bock 


Performing Arts Foundation of Kansas City 


Youth, Education & Health in Soulard 



Bozeman City-County Planning Board 


Town Halls 

City of Lincoln 

New Hampshire 




City of Portsmouth 


Lakes Region Planning Commission 


New Hampshire Charitable Fund 


New Jersey 





Factories and 



Power Plants 









Arts Center of Northern New Jersey 


Artists for Environment Foundation 


City of Jersey City 


City of Newark 


City of Paterson 



City of Trenton 


Dennis M. Frenchman 


Great Falls Development, Inc, 


Jerome M. Lutin 



New Jersey Theatre Foundation 

Newark Community Center for the Arts 

New Mexico 


M iscellaneous 


Archdiocese of Santa Fe 


City of Santa Fe 


Rising Sun 


New York 

Borough of Staten Island 


Brooklyn Academy of Music 


Buffalo State College Foundation, Inc. 


City Planning Department Fund 


Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science 

and Art 

Rest Homes 


Factories and 













M iscellaneous 


Post Offices 







Arts Centers 

Factories and 





Cultural Council Foundation 



Educational Facilities Laboratory 


Robert E. Freeman 

Greater Buffalo Development Foundation, Inc, 


Greater Jamaica Development Corporation 




Hudson-Mohawk Industrial Gateway 




Institute for Architecture and Urban Studies 


Institute for Art and Urban Resources 


Institute of Human Resources of the American 

Jewish Committee 

Little Italy Restoration Association, Inc. 

Media Study/Buffalo 
Hotels 10,000/77 

James Mowry 
Houses/ 10,000/74 


Municipal Art Society 
Miscellaneous 12,500/77 

New York Foundation for the Arts 
Piers 10,000/73 

New York Landmarks Conservancy 
Miscellaneous 9,875/76 
Customs 50,00 0/7 5 


Archives 20,000/77 

Parks Council 
Lots 25,000/74 

Preservation League of New York State, Inc. 
Schools 9,310/7 7 

Theodore H.M. Prudon 
Miscellaneous 5,000/77 

Renssalaer County Council for the Arts 
Houses/ 5,995/77 


Frank Sanchis 
Jails 4,000/74 

Jon M. Schwarting 
Miscellaneous 8,000/74 

Society for the Advancement of the Visual 
Commercial 6,220/76 

Southstreet Seaport Museum 
Miscellaneous 5 , / 7 4 

Staten Island Institute of Arts and Sciences 
Rest Homes 12,500/75 

Syracuse Area Landmarks Theatre, Inc. 
Movie 5,000/77 


Town of Smith town 
Houses/ 7,500/77 


Village of Cambridge 
Opera Houses 5,550/77 

North Carolina 

Alliance for Progress, Inc. 
Courthouses 4,2 50/7 5 

Allied Arts of Durham 
Courthouses 6,000/7 6 

City of Charlotte 
Commercial 9,600/77 


SSAC, Inc. 
Churches/ 20,000/77 

North Dakota 

City of Bismark 
Auditoriums 6,000/76 



Factories and 







Town Halls 

Ohi o 

City of Cleveland 


City of Columbus 


City of Dayton 


City of Toledo 


Cleveland Area Arts Council 


Cleveland Play House 


Palace Cultural Arts Association 


Village of Hudson 



Sooner Theatre of Norman, Inc, 
Theatres 5,025/77 


City of Eugene 

Community Center for the Performing Arts 


Northwest District Association 

















Blair County Arts Foundation 


Educational Futures 


Historic Gettysburg-Adams County, Inc. 


Pittsburgh History and Landmarks Foundation 



Redevelopment Authority, City of Reading 


Nancy S. Shedd 


W. Gray Smith, Jr. 


Symbrink Associates, Inc. 

The Wilma Project 

Rhode Island 

City of Pawtucket 



Research and Design Institute 





Rhode Island SchOol of Design 






Robinson Bass 

Knoxville Heritage, Inc. 











American Institute of Musical Studies 

Cultural Activities Center, Inc. 

Galveston County Cultural Arts Council, Inc, 



Galveston Historical Foundation, Inc. 


John Andrew Gallery 


Paramount Theatre for the Performing Arts 


Texas Architectural Foundation 



Ogden City Corporation 
Streets 5,910/76 

University of Utah 
Blocks 15,754/74 





Squares and 

City of Burlington 


The Community Arts and Media Center 


Elizabeth H. Gignoux 


Vermont Council on the Arts, Inc. 




Squares and 





Opera Houses 

Padraic Burke 


Paul S. Dulaney 


Federated Arts of Richmond 
Hampton Institute 

New River Valley Planning Commission 


Town of Wise 


Robert L. Vickery 










City of Seattle 

Roger T. Hagan 

West Virginia 

Town and Country Players 
Post Offices 10,000/76 


Richland Museum, Ltd. /The Warehouse 
Warehouses 1,920/77 

University of Wisconsin 
Miscellaneous 40,974/74 

This booklet was organized and prepared by 
Lynn Schneider, Graduate School of Design, 
Harvard University, and Tish Hunter, College 
of Architecture and Urban Planning, University 
of Washington, during their internships with 
the Architecture + Environmental Arts Program.